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Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton Talk ‘Vanishing on 7th Street’

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

If you’re not afraid of the dark now, you just might be after seeing ‘Vanishing on 7th Street.’ The new post-apocalyptic thriller by director Brad Anderson (‘The Machinist’) stars Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton, John Leguizamo and newcomer Jacob Latimore as a group of survivors trying to figure out how to sustain themselves in a world where everyone has inexplicably vanished.

This is a pretty unusual concept. What was your reaction when you first saw the script?
Newton: I really liked how spare the script was. And you could tell straight away that it wasn’t going to be looking for shocks and thrills. It was much more a kind of meditation on fear and -

Christensen: And death.

Newton: Yeah, and death. And it would rely heavily on what the actors brought to it, which I thought was… you don’t get those very often.

Did you have any idea about how you were going to get into character and approach it?
Christensen: What I liked about the script was the containment of it and how that would allow for real character exploration. We spent a lot of time in that bar. Just Thandie, John, Jacob and myself. And it really felt like we were putting on a play.

Newton: We had lots of night shoots in the freezing cold. It was like an endurance test. We had a lot of stuff to get through, so it was also everyone very keen to get the work done. So there almost wasn’t time to think about how cold it was. I love all of that.

Christensen: I think it also lends itself to the work. The nature of having to make a movie in such tough conditions in such a short period of time gave us all this sort of frantic feeling that we’re just trying to keep up with in the movie.

What were you picturing, since the “monster” is very vague and we never really see it?
Hayden: Just a shadow that moves on its own. That’s pretty unnerving.

Newton: Creeping towards you, encompassing everything. But also there’s sort of a feeling of drowning, too, and suffocation. It’s like all the worst ways to go in this entity.

Christensen: I think the ambiguity of it all allows you to create your own worst fear. It’s not like you have a monster jumping out at you. It’s unknown.

Last night you mentioned that you placed a lot of trust in Brad to help you really get to the core of your character. What inspired that trust?
Christensen: He’s extremely articulate in his vision, and his past films have all been very creative endeavors. Tonally, he’s able to capture something that is really unique and really an extension of his creativity. So that instills a lot of faith in you as an actor.

Newton: He has his own personal style that’s very unique. So what we wanted to do is honor that style in this catalog of movies that he’s going to be making. I had to put my faith in someone, because some scenes were just so driven and emotional, there was a real abandonment and I got quite lost in the trauma of it all. I had to hope that Brad, and to some degree the other actors, were there to be the judge of where it was going and what needed to happen.

Christensen: And dependent on each other as well. I think that’s sort of a theme in the film. How we rely on the people around us.

Is that sort of what you meant when you said it reminded you of a play?
Christensen: Yeah. When you’re on stage, you’re totally dependent on the other actor. But really for me it was about the containment of the story. When I read it, it really read like a play, and I thought we could approach it like a play. And that was really appealing to me.

What was it like working with John Leguizamo? Was he kind of the comic relief on set?
Newton: He’s actually pretty serious. He’s got incredible energy, John. He has all of these ideas and he’ll sort of switch from one topic to another. But he was all about the material. He’s got a slight obsessiveness, too. But then he might suddenly just break out into an amazing dance routine. And so would Jacob.

Christensen: Jacob is quite the dancer.

Newton: He is. And he sang at the end of the movie, didn’t he? Didn’t he sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to someone in the most beautiful voice — was it to Brad?

Christensen: Oh yeah. I think it was to Brad.

With such a small group of actors, how did having a rookie in the mix affect the dynamic?
Newton: He did not feel like a rookie at all.

Hayden: No, he’s a natural.

What was it like filming in Detroit? Had either of you filmed there before?
Christensen: No, it was my first time.

Newton: I loved it. Obviously, the city lent itself really well to the movie. Streets and building after building were empty, and there were old motor factories with machinery just left suspended. Buildings that have trees growing up out of them. It was beautiful and sort of tragic at the same time. It kind of has a ghost-like feel to it.

Christensen: Absolutely.

Newton: Humanity has left this place. So that was amazing for the film. On a personal level, the people of Detroit are just so tenacious. Hayden took us to this Italian restaurant where Brad had his first truffle, didn’t he?

Christensen: That’s right.

Who do you think this movie will appeal to, since it really defies genres?
Christensen: I think it will appeal to people who want to go to a movie and be stimulated.


How Hayden Christensen’s ‘Takers’ Character Is Like Darth Vader

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

That’s until he uses the fight ‘force’ and opens a can of whup ass in one of the film’s most exciting fight scenes. “It was mostly me,” Christensen says of the sequence that required very little stunt help, “I had to make sure I was in decent shape so I didn’t get beat up too badly.”

Having had lots of movie fighting experience from the latter two Star Wars prequels, 29-year old actor says he was accustomed to the physical grind highs and lows shooting those scenes require. “It was a well-choreographed sequence and it was very safe. But we spent a day roughing each other up and I got to give it to him,” he laughs of the other actor in the scene.

And Christensen says once he got a hold of the Takers script, being apart of the summer action thriller was a no-brainer, because the film’s subject matter took him back to his earliest childhood dreams.

“To get the chance to make a proper action movie with big explosions?” the Canadian-born actor says. “Running around, playing cops and robbers and shooting a gun? It was totally to indulge the kid in me.”


A Chat with Hayden Christensen

Monday, May 17th, 2010

You can envy me: We had a chat in Hayden’s hotel room,, in Fasano!
Tall, blonde, fine features ( perfect I can say while Im on it..) and shy .That’s how Canadian stud Hayden Christensen is, he has a restrained smile but sincere. He doesn’t kid about women or his personal life, he is the fiancé of the beautiful actress Rachel Bilson. Hayden who is known because of his character Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) in the Star Wars saga was in Brasil for launching Challenge, the new perfume of Lacoste. We found out the handsome guy adores pizza and Vodka and hates to have security guards all time around.

This is your first visit to Latin America, what do you think about Brasil?
Rio is beautiful, and I love calm attitude of Brazilian people, I have heard so much about it after the announce of this town as the venue for Olympic Games. Montreal developed so much after the games, I think it will the same for you.

What did you like the most?
The music. I just finished filming a psychological thriller, “Non-stop to Brazil”, by Brad Anderson, a movie that trace a bridge between Brazil and America through the music.I knew about Brazilian rhythm and I find them fascinating.(Note: the journalist thinks the name is the last movie of Brad Anderson instead “Vanishing in the 7thstreet”, Brad Anderson made music for the soundtrack of “Vanishing…)

Another projects?
Now, in summer (our winter..) the release of “Takers” with Matt Dillon, its a movie about a bank robber band and Jumper II script, although not soon..

Michael Lacoste brought you, on Wednesday, to à Fundação Gol de Letra of ex football player Raí, how it was?
Wonderful! I met the children and even played with the ball! it was a pity I wore boots but I could pass the ball better! I adore being part of social works,there are as much terrible things that happens around the world, its necessary to help! I just finished a campaigning for RED. I was in Africa a few time ago and I was shocked because how aids hits their society.

Do you like Football?
I played football since I was a child, although I play more to Hockey or tenis. One good thing about football is you dont need more than a ball and friends. Sometimes I get together a group for playing a match.

Would you like working with some Brazilian film maker?
Sure, with Fernando Meirelles, who directed “The constant gardener”

Are you interested in fashion?
I’d like to be presentable! (laughs!) dress is a way to express, but I’m not fashionista.I prefer to use comfy clothes that I can soil! so I don’t suffer shopping, I’m lucky I have a person who do that for me…

How does a woman have to dress if she wants you stare at her?
First of all she needs to respect herself, I don’t like when they use less clothes, simply is better.

Challenge…which is the most challenge project you have faced?
If its about my career, I spare no effort to conquer new spaces, although I’m known because action film, I made always, parallel to this films, more introspective characters and I’d like to be known by them too. Acting in big productions is great, because so many people goes to theaters on the other hand I don’t act thinking how many tickets I’m going to sell.What really attracts me is the personality of the character.

What about a Canadian production?
There aren’t so much films in Canada,anyway, we are there…I’m wishing to make a Canadian film, all I need is the invitation…

Hayden Christensen Loves Brazil

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Hayden Christensen’s visit to Brasil couldn’t be complete without going to Pão de Açúcar. That’s exactly what Canadian actor did thursday morning before leaving. Astonished by Rio’s beauty, the actor told some friends he wants to organize his return for Carnaval, and next time take his fiance, Rachel Bilson with him.

Engaged since 2009, the actor said he is deeply in love and cant wait to get married. Hayden finished his steak in the restaurant Porcão, in Ipanema.

Then he went back to the hotel in Arpoador beach, took a bath and came back to Los Angeles.

Hayden attended the Lacoste fashion show that took place in Copa Cabana Palace on Wednesday. The actor had a vip treatment , with access to a luxury spa and play football with Raí. IG had a chat with the actor, famous because of his character Darth Vader in the Star Wars trilogy.


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Hayden Christensen talks about fashion, style and the gifts

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Actor Hayden Christensen talks about fashion, style and the gifts that he likes to offer to his fiancee Rachel Bilson

How would you define your style?
I’d say it’s casual and comfy. I like sportive activities, so I want to wear clothes that have no problem getting dirty. At the same time I like to take care of myself and be presentable. In general, I like simple clothes, nothing extravagant.

Do you pay attention to brands?
Look, I don’t like brands that put a 3 meters logo on a t-shirt, so that is my only rule about not to wear. But Lacoste’s crocodile is fine!

Did you know that Lacoste was the first brand to put their logo outside of clothes?
I didn’t know it, that’s fun!

What are your key pieces?
These boots that I’m wearing and the navy jacket, that I wear a lot. These two are really like me.

Do you follow trends?
I don’t follow trends, but I think there are many great stylists in contemporary fashion.

Any particular name?
Ah, that’s a question for my fiancee! That’s her thing…

What do you think of her style?
I think she does a good job in respecting her style, I don’t think she tries to follow trends. She tries to wear what reflects who she is.

And she creates trends many times!
She’s a trendsetter? She’ll love to know it, she loves these things!

What was the most fashionable gift you’ve ever given to her?
I usually buy her things from Hermès, because they have the H of my name. I give her a small necklace that was a small H in it, a bracelet that has a small H in it… I have some kind of theme going on!

Do you have a personal stylist?
No, and I think I never will. But my fiancee is a great personal stylist, and she’s mine only! She loves to buy things for me.

What outfit would you never wear?
Leather pants. In the beginning of my career I made a photo session wearing one, but I was too naive and I thought I had to do everything I was told. So they showed up with a pair and I said “Ok, I think I’ll wear leather pants, then”.

What do you wear to go to the beach?
I never wear speedos. It’s not possible over there in Canada. I like longer shorts, surfer style.

Is there anything that you don’t like about the way that women dress?
You know when they get all dressed up and can’t walk? That makes me laugh, because I keep thinking why would anyone wear something that would prevent them from moving, breathing, and doing all the basic necessities of life!


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Interview with Hayden Christensen in RIO

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

In Rio, the actor of Darth Vader, Hayden Christensen, reveals: “I like women who make me laugh ‘

What would you do if this face to face with Darth Vader, one of the greatest villains of the seventh art? Well, he would not come to Brazil, but Hayden Christensen, the actor who gave life to the character in the first three films in the saga “Star Wars” made his first visit to the country. The reason was special: he is the poster boy Lacoste and came to Rio to participate in the parade that the designer held at the Copacabana Palace.

The Canadian actor spoke to the report of IG on the afternoon of Wednesday (12) and talked about fashion, career, and has revealed that an ideal type of woman, with personality and sense of humor. Check out the interview below:

iG: What do you think about Brazil? Is there any place in particular you’d like to visit?
Christensen: This is my first time in Brazil and I’m finding it very nice. People are very nice and quiet. I have not had the opportunity to know very well the river, because I’ll get some time (the season of the actor is only three days), but tomorrow I’ll go do tourist programs such as the Sugarloaf, the barbecue … At Corcovado I can not go, because I said it’s closed off to visitors.

IG: In relation to Brazilian culture: you know any director, film or music?
Christensen: I do not really know much about movies and Brazilian culture. This is only my first visit to Brazil. But, I already have the visa in my passport of the country and plans to return sometime in the next five years. Sure, I’ll be back.

IG: What was it like playing a character so striking as Darth Vader in the latest films in the saga of “Star Wars”? That role has changed your life?
Christensen: Interpret a character like that was one of the most amazing things in my life. It was the movie that had the greatest recognition. Also, my brother has always been a big fan of “Star Wars” and we were very excited when I got the part.

IG: You’ve worked with established actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Ewan McGregor. Which one impressed you most? With another actor who would play opposite you?
Christensen: Wow! All were wonderful. I find it hard to choose one, but I would love to work with actors like Sean Peann solid reputation, Billy Crudup and Michael Gambon. I think others would learn from them.

IG: You became known for futuristic movies and science fiction. He had no fear of being stereotyped?
Christensen: I really think people associate me with that kind of movie, but I do not see it as a bad thing. I’m a fan of the genre. I’m still young, I have enough time to do different jobs, they succeed.

iG: What are your upcoming projects?
Christensen: My next film is called “Shadow Chaser”. This is one long action-adventure, the way I like. Everyone would also like us to do a sequel to “Jumper”, but this is a matter of time. We are working on the script …

IG: How did the partnership with Lacoste?
Christensen: I grew up playing tennis, so I always wore too much clothing by Lacoste, mainly polo shirts. When they invited me to be the poster boy of perfume Challenge, I was very happy because I think that the brand promotes an image of healthy people who enjoy sports as I do.

IG: And how do you define your style?
Christensen: I like casual attire and comfortable. And I am a very active person, so I like clothes that have no problem with that mess and leave me free to play sports.

iG: What piece of clothing that you do not give up at all?
Christensen: That difficult question! I do not know if I am so attached to a piece of clothing, I am not so vain, but I really like shoes. Especially boots. I bought these I’m wearing in London a year ago and use it enough. Whenever I’m in a place that is hot or cold.

iG: Today you visited the project Gol de Letra Foundation. How was the experience?
Christensen: I went there and played football. I love it but I do not think I did quite well because I was in boots (laughs). I think I’m better at tennis and hockey, sports practice since small. I know that Brazilians are crazy about football. When the game “FIFA” in the Playstation always choose the team from Brazil: Ronaldinho and Kaka are always the best, at least in the video game.

IG: You seem to be a very shy person. The fame and the paparazzi annoy you?
Christensen: It depends where I am. At my farm in Canada they do not bother me even a little, why not travel there often. But when I’m in Los Angeles, they can be a little insensitive. That’s crazy! They await you at the door of your house and follow you to where you go. If a camera were not as they would be pursuing.

IG: You are considered sexy symbol and has worked with women as icons of beauty Natalie Portman, Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba. In real life, what a woman should do to make you win?
Christensen: I like women who have their heads in place, they have their own opinions and be respected. I really look for a woman with humor, that makes me laugh. I think this is key! And if he is in evening dress, even better.


Celebrity spectators soak up USA-Canada excitement

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

While both Phelps and Blair were all smiles during a game that broke the Americans’ way early and late, Canadian actor Hayden Christensen (the “Star Wars” prequels) was nervous due to the USA 3-2 lead going into the third period.

“Beyond nervous,” said Christensen, dressed in a Canada home-white jersey and sporting a black-and-red-trim Team Canada while sitting in Section 117, Row 23. “It’s been an amazing game but I don’t like the score right now.”

Christensen lives in Vancouver and said “it’s incredible, such a treat for all of us to have the Olympics in our city.” He is a Canucks fan, but also roots for NHLers Raffi Torres (Columbus) and the well-traveled Mike Zigomanis (right now playing for Toronto’s top minor-league team).

“I played hockey with both of them growing up,” said Christensen. “I dreamed about becoming a pro hockey player, just like most kids [in Canada]. I love the game.”