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Christensen shows true star quality in ‘Shattered Glass- March 26, 2022

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Shattered Glass (PG-13)-Before there was Jayson Blair, there was Stephen Glass, an ambitious young reporter for The New Republic who fabricated numerous features before being exposed, humiliated and fired. Director Billy Ray’s terrific film focuses primarily on Glass’ last days before he became a journalistic pariah and, as Glass, Hayden Christensen -who has been so starchy in the “Star Wars” series — paints a vivid picture of a bright light on the verge of short-circuiting.

Anyone who’s ever been caught in a lie and tried to cover his tracks will relate to Glass’ frantic, sometimes nutty attempts to cover up his misdeeds. It’s queasily funny stuff — unless you work regularly with reporters, in which case this will probably seem a whole lot scarier than “Dawn of the Dead.”

Christensen is ably supported by fine performances from Chloe Sevigny as an all-too-trusting co-worker, Peter Sarsgaard as the unfortunate editor who has to decide Glass’ fate and Steve Zahn as the Web site investigator whose questions set the stage for Glass’ downfall.