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Comic Con Transcript from Saturday July 24th, 2004

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009


RM: Thank you.

SS: So how was the flight?

RM: It was good.

SS: Was it worth it?
RM: Yes. It was definitely worth it. It’s amazing what alcohol, tobacco and a little bit of freebasing can do.


SS: I don’t understand those words. (laughter) Did you bring us the film?

RM: No, unfortunately, one of the reasons I’m in London is that we’re actually planning to do two weeks of additional shooting in late August. We’re shooting in Switzerland, we just finished Thailand and China, so it’s been a very hectic little period.

SS: Do you have anything to show us?

RM: Yeah, I think we have something that you might like. (Audience starts to cheer)

SS: Well, let’s take a look and see?

(The Return of Vader piece runs; huge applause)

SS: That is awesome. Can you do me a favor, and, the next time you see Hayden, tell him I think he looked really amazing in that suit.

RM: Absolutely. And there’ll be more to see in Indianapolis, I promise. I think you tell Hayden himself. I’d like to bring him in. Mr. Hayden Christensen (huge applause).

SS: So now it’s your chance to ask some questions to Rick McCallum, producer, and Hayden Christensen, Darth Vader-to-be.

Fan #1: This is for Hayden. So tell us your experience when you actually donned the helmet for the very first time. How did it feel? And did you take it home?

RM: No, he did not take it him.

HC: Unfortunately, I didn’t get to keep the costume. We’re still going to talk about that, hopefully. But ?

RM: We won’t talk about it much.

HC: It was overwhelming. That’s always been the sort of exclamation mark on the back of my head throughout the entire process of making these past two films is putting on the dark helm and getting all done up by Vader. It was? it was? orgasmic (female shrieks in the audience). It was too much.

Fan #2: How long did you train with Nick Gillard and Ewan for the duel? How long did it take you to get it all together.

HC: It was a very vigorous training process. I went out to Australia about three months beforehand. One, just to work on the lightsaber fights and put on a bit of size. I was working out with a trainer, twice a day. They were feeding me six times a day. It worked. I lost it all now, unfortunately, but, the fight sequences, especially the Obi-Wan fight was very involved. I think, I don?t know how it?s cut together, [it] will be the longest fight ever commited to film, the duration of it and the distance we cover. There is a lot of moves to memorize. That’s the fun for me, is getting out there with Ewan and Nick and try to figure out what were going to do and make the moves as smooth and cool as possible. You know, Nick has such a distinct vision of how the fights look and how each moves affect the next. It’s a dance. It’s an artform that Ewan and I are very respectful of, and we want to do it as much justice as possible.I can’t wait to see those. I want to be the first in the theater as well to check out those fights.

SS: Rick, what are you doing in the pick-up shooting? Can you tell us?

RM: No, I can’t. We’re doing some additional scenes, just over two weeks work with all the actors. Three or four very exciting scenes/

SS: Hayden doesn’t have to redo the fight.

RM: Negative. There’s no fighting.

Fan #3: This question is actually for Rick. Do you know when the first official preview we’re going to see? Is it November?

RM: The first trailer? Yeah, I think November looks good. November is the date we’re hitting for.

Fan #4: Yes, this question is for Hayden. What’s the biggest difference in terms of your preparation between Episodes II and III.

HC: The fighting and obviously putting weight on was a huge ordeal, because obviously my metabolism just doesn’t really allow for it to stay, but you know, putting on the weight ?

RM: I put it on for him.
HC: We traded. It was getting into the [mindset] of Darth Vader. Because even though I’m Anakin for the majority of this film, without trying to give away anything at all, he’s still is consumed with all of the ambitions and negative energies that ultimately lead him to the dark side, so it was really trying to embrace that and go to the dark side as much as possible.

RM: I had him work in the Production Office so he could understand a little about the dark side.

Fan #5: I was wondering if you were going to be revealing any more information about Anakin’s conception, because personally I didn’t buy the whole he just ,came to be, thing.

RM: Let Steve answer that. I don’t think it will be a problem for you.

Fan #6: Do you plan on doing more Star Wars movies after Episode III? He once planned on doing Episodes VI, VII, and VIII. Are there still plans for that in the future?

RM: VII, VIII and IX? No, there’s no plan to do VII, VIII and IX.

(Audience member cheers)

Fan #7: So it looks like the focus may be going away from the romance between Amidala and Anakin? Is that right? I would hope?

RM: Yes. You can definitely assume that.

HC: It focuses on Anakin and Obi-Wan relationship a lot more.

Fan #7: Mercy! Thank you.

RM: Who?s Amidala?


Fan #8: I was wondering to Hayden, what was it like picking out your lightsaber when they brought the box over?

HC: I actually didn’t get to pick out my own lightsaber. It was all predetermined by the previous trilogy, because it was Darth Vader’s lightsaber. They made small adjustments to make it a little bit different, but for the most part it’s DarthVader’s lightsaber.

Fan #8: Did you get to keep the lightsaber?

HC: We’re hoping.

RM: No.


Fan #9: What is it like being Darth Vader? You’re the hero of all these little bad kids that want to grow up and be Darth Vader. Not so many Luke Skywalker outfits, no offense Mark Hamill. How does that affect you personally? You’re a part of history. Does it increase your ego?

RM: You should definitely go on a Saturday night with him to a bar, because it is fantastic!

HC: It’s difficult to really grasp what it is, because it is Darth Vader. I get many compliments all the time just for being Darth Vader. Not even taking work that I’ve done, but just for being Darth Vader. That is something that I hold in my back pocket at all times.

RM: Lucky boy.

Fan #10 (a young boy): Did you have more fun in the fighting scenes or the actual acting?


RM: What acting?

HC: It’s the fighting. You get to be a little kid again and do the lightsaber fight. And that’s the fun of it. Saying the dialogue and everything can be a little, you know, trying at time. But you sort of bite your bottom lip and look forward to the fights.

RM: That’s such a polite way to say that.

Fan #11: Yeah, hi, is it true that you’re gonna finish off Jar Jar?

RM: Who’s Jar Jar?
Fan #11: That Jamaican jerk that ruined the series?

RM: I’m going to meet you outside after that? you don’t have to worry about Jar Jar.

Fan #12: I was wondering if we’re going to see lots more fights with Mace Windu, Sam Jackson’s character.

RM: Yes, definitely. Mace is actually the pivotal point that starts to turn this young lad into Darth.

Fan in Audience: Tell us more!

RM: We haven’t shot it yet, I wish I could.

Fan #13: Yes, my question is will Count Dooku be back and will his voluptuously curved lightsaber return with him?

RM: Yes. I can definitely say yes.

Fan #14: How do you live up the pressure from all the fans out there, in completing the storyline and satisfying all the characters.

HC: You just focus on the work. And you have to commit to every line that you say, otherwise you guys won?t believe it. There is a lot of weight and pressure because it is public domain for the most part. You guys have such an informed perspective on what the films are that everyone wants to keep you guys happy.

SS: We have time for one more question. (Audience groans), we’ve got time for a few more questions. (audience cheers)

Fan #15: Hi, a representative from Britain here. Hayden, congratulations on Shattered Glass. Absolutely awesome performance. Second of all, in a real sword fight, could you kick Ewan McGregor;s ass, or is he going to kick yours?

HC: In a real sword fight, or in what you’re going to see on film? In a real sword fight, with one hand tied behind my back! (Audience cheers) I’m just joking. We’re pretty equal.

SS: When the fan magazine editors where in Australia, a bunch of them interviewed everyone on the crew and asked the same question, and I think it was something like 9 out of 10 gave the same answer, so Ewan better watch himself.

HC: We’re good friends though, so it’s okay.

RM: Were?

Fan #16: So Hayden, is the dark side stronger?

RM: I can tell you yes, definitely.

HC: You’ve seen the films, haven’t you?

Fan #16: I?m a really big fan of Shattered Glass. I was wondering, what are you future films? What are you going to be doing next?

HC: Actually, the next movie I’m going to be doing is going to be with Robert Duvall. Dennis Hopper is directing. It’s a small independent feature, but a great story, so hopefully we’ll make a good film out of it.

Fan #17: This one is for Hayden also. First of all, thank you for being here. I dragged my wife over, this is her first convention, and you instantly made it worth it for her. My question was, as an actor, how do you get into the Darth Vader role? Is there music you listen to? Do you rock out to a particular band? How do you channel that?

HC: Honestly, most of it is in the costume. Putting on the outfit every morning is getting into character. And it’s so full-on that you can’t really believe yourself as anything but Anakin or Darth Vader, so be it. Wearing the cloak and the hood, you feel like a bad-ass.

Fan #18: This is for Rick McCallum. I wanted to know if you’re going to go into the backstory of the Fett family anymore?

RC: What? Fat farm?

Fan #18: The Fett family.

RC: Oh. I thought you said the fat farm! Jesus, Jar Jar Binks and the fat farm? Okay. (laughter)

(long pause)

SS: Well?

RC: Oh, yes. Well, I have been working out. You can’t tell? (laughter)

Fan #18: Have I given you a complex?

RC: Yes. Yes we do, not to a large degree, but you will see a connection. That was obtuse wasn’t it?

Fan #19: I keep reading rumors that Hayden is going to be reinserted into the end of Return of the Jedi, on DVD or a possible re-release. Can you please confirm or deny, for my own edification?

RM: I have no idea where that one’s come from.

SS: I think you’re just going to have to wait and see the DVD and see what surprises there are or aren’t there. (Audience groans) Hey, I’m willing to be the bad guy, I’m wearing the Sith shirt. (Laughter)

Fan #20: Hi, George from the 501st. I have a question for Hayden. Are you going to have a pigtail underneath the helmet?

HC: No, we’ve gone for a much different hairstyle this go-around.

Fan #20: One more question, how long did it take you to put the armor on? Was it hot? Do you wear it for a long time during the movie, or just for the end?

HC: I can’t tell you how long I was in the costume for, but it was very hot. They had a little built-in fan which did nothing.

RM: It took about four hours to get you in.

HC: Yes, getting it on was an ordeal. And staying in it was difficult at time. I mean, it’s really cool that you’re in the costume at the time, but you’re sweating up a storm. And, I’m not nearly as tall as the original Darth Vader, so I was walking around in heels! They had to put lifts on the shoes, and I can’t do that. So it was troubling at times. I had a few falls, but I was all right.

Fan #21: How are you guys approaching the fact that, for Rick, 10 years plus is coming to an end, and for Hayden, was it is, 4-6 years is coming to an end. How do you feel that this is the last Star Wars?

RM: Well, this is the end of my career and the beginning of his. That’s probably the best way I can say it. No, I’m looking forward to some time off, like a weekend. Something.

HC: It’s very bittersweet for me. More bitter than sweet. As amazing at is to be part of the Star Wars films, it’s getting to work with Rick and George and everyone who is involved because they’re really really such nice people. It was nice finishing Episode II, because we all get to reconvene in a couple of years, but we don’t get to do that anymore. So it’s a little sad.

RM: All right, I’ll give you the cape but that’s it.

SS: Let’s hear it for Rick McCallum and Hayden Christensen!