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Rove Live May 21, 2021

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Guest: Hayden Christensen (at Cannes)
Rove: Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones opened over the weekend and already it has grossed over 11 million dollars my friend. We are now joined by the star of the movie, he plays Anakin Skywalker. He’s from Canada, but he’s now joining us from Cannes, say hello to Hayden Christensen!! (public screaming)

[Hayden looking very sexy, fresh and cute in a white shirt. Weird microphone in hand though]

Hayden: Hello, how are you doing Rove? (with a big smile)

Rove: I’m doing very well but enough about me. How are you doing?

Hayden: I’m doing just fine. I just got into Cannes this morning, I’ve never been here before. It’s pretty cool.

Rove: Now speaking of cool, you’re coolest playing a legendary character in Star Wars, that of Anakin Skywalker who becomes Darth Vader. Is it exciting for you? Or is it just another day at the movie making office?

Hayden: Oh no, It’s was an unbelievable experience and it continues to be but I sort of approached it like any other job, just so I don’t get too caught up.. the peripheral attention you get from being in a movie like this.

Rove: And now that the movie has been released, do you find people recognizing you? Are you being mobbed in the street?

Hayden: Ehh.. nah.. I mean I get recognized every now and then, it really hasn’t been too much of an intrusion..but you know it’s nice nonetheless when someone comes up ..says hello.. and you know..they’re excited to see you in the movie. It’s kinda neat.

Rove: Now, where you a Star Wars fan growing up?

Hayden: I older brother was a bit of a fanatic, and so we had all the Star Wars collectibles in our basement..when I was growing up and I got to see the films when I was really young..and enjoyed them. When they re-released them theatrically, I went to go see those just really really loved it.. and I became a hardcore fan then!

Rove: And was it true your older brother never let you play with any his Star Wars action figures and models when you were younger?

Hayden: Yeah.. I was young.. I was like 6 or 7 when I sort of became aware of it all.. and he didn’t really want me near the Millenium Falcon cos he thought I’d break it and I..kept my distance.. But I grew up a little bit and collected some of my own.. invested in my own Boba Fett T-Shirt I don’t know.. it’s fun!

Rove: Well..especially now because you’ve (he didn’t finish it)

Hayden: Have you seen the film?

Rove: Oh..Of course I’ve seen the film. I’m a huge fan!

Hayden: You’ve seen it! Excellent! Did you like it?

Rove: Yes I did. Of course, I’m a little bit jealous, I wouldn’t have mind being in it myself. But it’s a good movie and you should be very proud of it!

Hayden: Cool! Thanks man!

Rove: Now this of course is one of the big budget special effects numbers and I assume most of it was probably shot in front of a blue screen. When you’re making a film as technical as this, is it still fun to make or does it all get lost a little bit?

Hayden: Oh no..We had an amazing time, everyone who was working on the film was just so thrilled to be there. So it was kind of like a common thread running through all of us and it just makes a pleasant working experience you know.. you’re playing with light sabers.. and you get to wear the Jedi costumes..and the cloak.. it’s a little bit too much start acting like a kid and you realize you got work to do at the same time.

Rove: Now what was it like the first time you got to pick up the Lightsaber. Was it hard to resist not making the noise?

Hayden: You know.. every single person who’s had the pleasure of getting to fight with one, has had the same experience. They start making the noises whenever they pick it up and they go ” wwooooaaaannnnn” (pretends the microphone is a lightsaber and acts like he’s playing with it while making the noise..).. and they they ask you to stop immediately.. and tell you that they add these effects afterwards in post-production (making innocent face and a grin). But..when you pick it up you feel like a kid and it brings out the child in you. I didn’t feel too guilty..because I knew Ewan and Liam did the same.

Rove: Now you mentioned the costume there which of course is a very sleek, very sexy black outfit. I also heard that you had a bit of a problem with it on set.. it kept splitting during some of the action sequences?

Hayden: Yeah.. I don’t know.. You’d think that they would figure out some kind of fabric that wouldn’t rip.. being a Jedi and all.. but several occasions when I would do something physically active, my pants would just kind of split up the crotch.. It was quite embarrassing because it sort of happened near the beginning of the shoot when I was still trying to get acclimated and I don’t know.. Nice way to relieve the tension though.

Rove: I must say, I’ve had similar embarrassing experiences myself when I get a bit of action, my pants split as well! (everyone laughing)

Hayden: I’m sure yours for good reason though! (laughing).

Rove: Now of course Anakin, your character will eventually become the very deep voiced, all breathing Darth Vader. Have you had a chance to try on the Darth helmet yet?

Hayden: Yeah.. it belongs to George.. I did.. when I was at the Skywalker Ranch last time I went to the archives.. and saw the Dark Helmet .. I asked if I could put it on and get a picture. I was wearing this grey tracksuit.. I got to wear the Helmet.. just look at the disproportion.. it looked a little funny but still I got to get my picture taken with it.. it was kinda neat!

Rove: Now a lot of Episode II was shot here in Australia. Did you enjoy your time shooting here?

Hayden: I loved it. I got to stay right on Bondi beach, spent a lot of time in the water..and just.. I don’t know.. really got along with the sensibility of the people there.. really..not too dissimilar to Canadians in a lot of ways, very relaxed and laid back.. and interested to just having a good time. And I’m aware that we’re shooting episode III there as well.. so I’m really looking forward to going back!

Rove: I actually went on a holiday in Canada myself once and found out that we get along very well with Canadians. We do seems to have a very similar sense of humor and things like that..

Hayden: Yeah!

Rove: And a mutual dislike of Americans! (jokingly)..

Hayden: Haha! Ahhh No comments! (laughing with a grin).

Rove: Well thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Cannes, have a look around, kick your heels up.. hopefully you’ll get a little bit of a break before Episode III starts shooting again. Ladies and Gentleman! Hayden Christensen!

Hayden: Thanks a lot Rove, it was nice talking to you!