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Hayden Christensen: Real dude, this guy!

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Hayden Christensen is the face of the Lacoste fragrance “Challenge” - but beauty treatments are not for him. Since he prefers driving to his farm!

Since he has played Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars”, is Hayden Christensen, 28, as one of Hollywood’s hottest newcomer. His good fortune that he has decided at 17 to an acting career. Up to that time they said the Canadian, who is now engaged with “OC” star Rachel Bilson, 27, also requires a career as a tennis star. Since it was a plus that Lacoste - the main sponsor of Roland Garros - he was elected as a testimonial for the new fragrance for men “Challenge”. In Paris, hit OK! the sympathetic Star to talk about vanity, challenges, and his wedding …

Truthfully: in the morning… how long do you need in the bathroom?
Well, Rachel definitely takes more time than I do. As soon as I get out of the shower, I’m ready.

Aren’t you ambitious when it comes to your looks?
I kind of don’t care about that. I believe beauty comes from within. That’s why it’s important for me that I’m clean, when I step out of the shower. I pay attention that I eat healthy and that my body stays fit. I was at a beautician once or twice, but facials just hurt too much.

That sounds so healthy. Don’t you have any vices?
I did smoke. Until I decided, that I don’t want that in my life anymore. You have to want it. Otherwise quitting won’t work.

You’re the face of “Challenge”- which fragrance did your fiancee give you lately?
None. She rather gives me something to wear.

Because she thinks you need a stylist?
No (laughs). I suppose, because she loves shopping. And she thinks, that I don’t press ( ? belabor?) her so much, if she comes back not only with lots of stuff for her, but with a nice shirt for me, too.

What was your biggest challenge?
To stay as you are in showbiz, even if other people try to tell you how to be. That’s a challenge. That’s why most of the time I ignore, what I hear about myself. Fame can be bizarre and I try to avoid Hollywood, whenever it is possible. I work there, but I don’t attend parties, because I’m not the type who wants to be photographed all the time.

Where do you escape?
I like traveling very much, because I love to discover new places. Plus, I own a house on the Bahamas and a farm near Toronto.

A real farm with animals and land?
Well, we don’t cultivate stuff that has to be sold. But we make our own hay. And right now, I built a barn for horses, so I can keep horses too – not only pigs, chickens and pheasants. Of course someone takes care of the farm, when I’m not there. But I love it there.

Your fiancee is a shopping girl. How does Rachel like life in the countryside?
(Laughs) She’s born in L.A. and grew up there. And imagining her wearing rubber-boots in the dirt is pretty impressing. But honestly: she thinks it’s great at the farm, but she also likes going back to Los Angeles for some shopping.

How far are plans for your wedding?
We haven’t set a date, yet. And we haven’t start family planning, yet. One day we’ll have kids and then we’ll decide where to live. But that’s nothing for the near future.


Interview with Hayden Christensen- Glamour (Paris) .Com

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Hayden Christensen is the new muse signed Lacoste perfume. The opportunity for us to meet the star to learn more about his projects and his private life. Source.


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