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Live with Regis and Kelly- October 27, 2021

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Pat- Our first guest today was off in another galaxy as Anakin Skywalker in
the most recent Star Wars adventure, now he’s starring in a new movie called’ Shattered
Glass, please welcome Hayden Christensen.

Kelly- Welcome to the show.

Hayden- Thank you for having me.

Pat- Good to see ya.

Hayden- I have to say, if you want to make a lady who is very special
to me very happy, you could just say hi to my grandma, she’s a huge fan.

Pat- Now what do you call grandma, your grandmother?

Hayden- Just grandma.

Pat- Just grandma.

Hayden -Yeah.

Pat- What’s her name?

Hayden- My grandma’s name? ‘Rose’.

Pat- Hi Rose,ah Hi from Hayden and from me, ah there ya go.

Hayden- Thats amazing.

Hayden- I told her I was going to be on the Regis and Kelly show
and you know she was over the moon, and then I said you know Pat Sajak
and just..

Pat- That put her over the moon.

Kelly- See,you were right

Pat- Grandmother’s, I’m telling ya they love me,I have a way with them.

Pat- Enough about grandma, let’s talk about Hayden.

Kelly- Hayden Christensen, so huge right now, 22 years old from Toronto.

Hayden- Mmm

Kelly- How did you get into acting?

Hayden- Ahh I kind of fell into at a young age, my older sister was a trampolinist and they got her to do a Pringles commercial,
which is you know doing flips on a trampoline and they went to go and get her an agent and ahhh my mom was driving, so there was no one
at home to babysit me, went along for the ride and I don’t know, sitting in the waiting office, one of the agents asked me if I wanted to
to act and I think just you know trying to be polite I said yeah sure.

Pat- You were seven, what the heck right?

Hayden- Yeah.

Pat- Did you do something for them?

Hayden- The occasional commericial here and there, but you know is was just a reason to get a day off of school at first, starting studying
it in high school and really took a liking to it and ah here I am.

Pat- Yeah you are, and now you’re all over the world, episode 3, the Star Trek uhh Saga.

Hayden- Star Wars

Kelly- Star Wars

Pat- Star Wars, sorry..whoa whoa, now grandma hates me.

Kelly- You, you just wrapped that.

Pat- I guess that happens from time to time, but they shot that in Sydney right?

Hayden- Yeah,yeah we just finished about a month ago and that’s it for the Star Wars films.

Kelly- Did you know how huge, I mean the the Star Wars episodes were, I mean when I was a kid, you weren’t even around yet.

Hayden- No no, I mean yeah, I mean it’s such a huge part of popular culture now, but….

Pat- We are going to take a break, we come back and talk more with Hayden and we have a clip of your new film The Shattered
Glass film, we’ll talk more about Star Wars or and we can even talk about William Shatner, we’ll be back.

Kelly- (“Laughing”)

Hayden- (“Laughing”)

Kelly- We’re back, with Hayden Christensen.

Pat- Star Wars episode Three, ahh so you’re all wrapped on that, ahh by the way alot big names ahh bigger than your name at the
time, ah were up for that role, we you surprised to get that?

Hayden- Oh yeah, I mean the whole thing came as a bit of a shock and ummm.

Kelly- Did you ever do anything special, like did you have to like you know like levitate anybody, what was the audition process like?

Hayden- No it was it was pretty mundane for the most part, I met with the casting director first and then got invited to go and meet George
Lucas with a group of maybe 30 other actors and uhh I was working on a television show in Vancouver at the time and I couldn’t get a day off work,
so I had to pass on the whole opportunity and thought that was my the end of it for me and I was wrong, they called me up about a couple weeks
later and hauled me back out to San Francisco and met with George there and uhh had another audition,and then had a screentest
with Natalie Portman and that sealed the deal.

Pat- Apparently, now the new movie is called “Shattered Glass”, and those of you who don’t remember, a writer named Stephen Glass for The New
Republic I guess was, had a annoying habit of making up stories.

Hayden- Fabritcated over half of his stories.

Pat- Ahhhh, and you play?

Hayden- I play Stephen Glass.

Pat- He was about your age when all this started.

Hayden- He was 24, when all of his sort of lies came to light.

Kelly- And here in New York, we’re so familiar with the Jason Blair scandal at the New York Times, but this happened way before that.

Hayden- Yeah, we actually finished cutting our film and then the whole Jason Blair scandal came to light and uh it was just kinda
a divine coincidence for us, I mean it just makes our story you know that much more timely.

Pat- The movie is called Shattered Glass, we’re going to take a quick look at a clip, Hayden Christensen, take a look.

-Plays Clip-

Pat- Shattered Glass opens New York City and L.A November 14th and then it will go wide as we like to say.

Hayden- Sure will

Kelly- Congratulations on everything your career, thank you for being here.

Hayden-Thank you

Pat- 2005 Star Wars

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Mt Canadian TV Show - 2003

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Here’s a summary of the interview-it was pretty short (3-4 minutes) but still very good! Starts out with clips of Montreal and where different shots from the filming of the movie took place-then goes to the interview with Hayden.

Hayden: “Stephen is a journalist….he’s very young for the amount of attention he is getting in his industry and kind of feeds off of it”

Clip from the filming of the movie — Stephen is talking to a blond girl ( you only see the back of her head so I don’t know who it was): Stephen: “Look, it’s my parents, okay? I mean, if I don’t go, they won’t let me be a journalist any more” Blond girl: “Let you? You’re 24 years old Stephen”

Hayden: “To really succeed as a journalist, he felt like he really had to go above and beyond what his family would expect him to acheive- and that sort of is what incurs all of the lies and deception”

Another clip from filming:
Blond Girl: “You’re writing for the New Republic, isn’t that good enough?”

Stephen: “Not in Highland Park. I’m sorry, okay- I know it’s ridiculous”

Blond Girl: “Stop apologizing for everything — I was the one looking through your mail — you should be pissed at me”

Hayden: “It’s hard to really figure out what makes someone perpetrate that level of deception — and so I just sort of broke it down to the amount of pressure he felt from his family and just really kind of loving the taste he got from the first success of his fabricated article and that’s kind of what kept him going I think.

Another clip from filming — this time Stephen is at a desk and someone walks in (you don’t see who the other person is — perhaps Peter Skarsgaard?):

Guy: “You got a minute Stephen?”
Stephen: “Hey, yeah. What’s up?”

Guy: “Do you have phone numbers for all your sources on that?”

Stepen: “Of course, but they’re at home”

Guy: “Can I get them?”
Stephen: “Uh huh…Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?”

Guy: “No, I just need the phone numbers”

Hayden: That was like the difficult thing to do really — play someone who’s insecurities and lack of self confidence, coupled with my own unease in playing a character that was new to me — I never really kind of touched any of the sensibilities that I was trying to find in Stephen — and so the two of them together did not make for a very good combination. By the end of the filme I was really ready to leave Stephen just because, you know, I’m going to work every day I’m lying through my teeth. I don’t really ever get to have that sense that I connect with something honest here.

Clip showing Hayden and Billy Ray (Director) discussing how a scene should be played out.

Hayden: “Something to get my head around at the beginning of this film was — did I really want to take all of his lies and put them on a video shelf for him to see every time he went to the movie store? But, he did it and I think that everyone should be held responsible for their actions — so I don’t really feel bad about it — I also greatly sympathize with him.

Clip showing Billy Ray talking to Tove on the movie seting to Tove on the movie set.

Tove: “It is such an interesting combination of someone who is potentially pathological in his neuroses and at the same time a bit of a genius. It’s a very complex character which I really think fascinated Hayden”

Hayden: “It’s nice to be able to relate to someone, in a creative environment, that you also trust with all your heart — which I don’t think you can really find outside of family in this industry” ……talking about Tove.