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Tonight Show with Jay Leno-(10/17/01)

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Hayden: Thank you.

Jay: Now this is your first talk show ?

Hayden: This is my first talk show so it’s a little nerve racking if you will.

Jay: These are very nice people.

Hayden: Yeah, I’m sure, yes.

Jay: Now this is a very big deal getting Star Wars. It’s like the role everybody wanted.

Hayden: Yeah, pretty much it was pretty surprising when I found out that I got the part. Wasn’t really expecting it to be honest.

Jay: I mean you go in there, I heard, I know kinda modest. But I heard Leonardo Decaprio and all these people were up for this part, something like, they looked at 10,000.

Hayden: I don’t know exactly how many it was but it was a lot.

Jay: It was 9,980.

Hayden: Aaaaah.

Jay: I mean that’s a lot of people. So what is the audition like? I mean is it like a cattle call where there is hundreds of Luke Skywalkers there?

Hayden: No, actually the first time I went to audition, it was a meeting with Robin Gurland, the casting director, and it was just sort of a general conversation about my experiences with acting, life and what not but no anything about Star Wars. That was taped and George saw that and I met with George about a mouth later.

Jay: Ok but when you’re doing that, you go in there and they’re asking you questions. So where you from? Do you realize? I mean what goes through your mind? I mean like this is the biggest job in show business!

Hayden: I know but to be honest I really never thought that it would come into fruition so I took extra joy in getting to meet George and screen test with Natalie so it was more just icing on the cake when I found out that I got it.

Jay: So how many steps? You go in cause basically you’re an unknown guy and you’re from Canada right? (Hayden confirms) Canada, ok, you come in you come down again you meet. . . and then you get a call. Oh we liked your interview on tape.

Hayden: Yeah, yeah so I . . .

Jay: The next step is what? Meet. . .

Hayden: I met with George.

Jay: Lucas?

Hayden: Yeah I flew out to the Skywalker Ranch and I got to meet . . .

Jay: See, flying out to the Skywalker Ranch.

Hayden: I know, I know.

Jay: Now that’s pretty cool. Is that nerve racking when you get there?

Hayden: Yeah, I mean I had my own ways of dealing with it but aw yeah it was aw nerve. .

Jay: What is that, like getting stoned ?

Hayden: (laughs) No actually it was uh throwing up on the plane ride over.

Jay: Did you, did you throw-up?

Hayden: Ah (pause) yeah, but I think it was understandable, meeting someone like George Lucas yeah.

Jay: So what’s that like when you walk in the room and you meet…here’s this big director. I mean THE biggest, you go. .hey how ya doing?

Hayden: It’s a pleasure to meet you. Yeah I know, I mean what do you say actually. So I just tried to behave myself and get sized up well.

Jay: And not throw up on him. . .

Hayden: Actually, actually in which I achieved thankfully.

Jay: So how did you get started in acting you’re in Canada, your parents are not in show business?

Hayden: No, no. They’re in the communications business, computers and stuff.

Selma: Where in Canada?

Hayden: Toronto ( a member of the audience claps-Hayden takes notice and laughs)

Jay: Your coalition partner.

Hayden: Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Jay: So when. . . did you do commercials for Canadian-buy Molson beer, I mean what did you. . .

Hayden: When I was young I got involved through my older sister actually. She was Jr. world Champion on the trampoline and they wanted her to do a Pringles commercial. She did and after that they wanted to get her an agent and I was just along for the ride. I was 6 or 7 and was in the agency office and they asked me if I wanted to do commercials and I very naively said sure.

Jay: Well so your sister’s going in for an audition and you get the job. Does that cause trouble at home ?

Hayden: No I mean I’ve got a good relationship with my family.

Jay: And she’s what World Trampoline. .

Hayden: She was when she was younger, now she’s doing Tae-Kwon Do.

Jay: Oh so don’t mess with your sister.

Hayden: No, no she’d beat me up no problem.

Jay: So how about your parents what do they think of you because when I got started in this my parents were like. . . learn a trade.

Hayden: Yeah, I mean my parents are very supportive of anything that there children do but I think my dad was a little hesitant at first, he wanted me to go to University on a tennis scholarship which I�m yet to do maybe later on down the road but. . .

Jay: You were offered a tennis scholarship ?

Hayden: I was playing competitive tennis growing up and provincial tournaments and what not so I could’ve if I took that path but I didn’t so. . .

Jay: Wow that’s pretty good, sounds like the real Luke Skywalker!

Hayden: (laughs) Well only in tennis yeah.

Jay: That�s pretty cool. Have you been filming this, have you been doing this movie, is it almost done ?

Hayden: We wrapped principal photography almost a year ago now and we just keep going back and picking up scenes here and there. So we’ve got one more set of re-shoots to do and then were done.

Jay: Ok, well that should be exciting will you come back when it comes out?

Hayden: Yeah.

Jay: Tell us about Life As A House, this one is a little bit different.

Hayden: Very different.

Jay: You�re like a punky kid in this one.

Hayden: Yeah, Sam is so far removed from myself its kind of scary. It’s the story about a man, George my father, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Jay: That’s Kevin Kline.

Hayden: That�s Kevin Kline yeah and it’s sort of a last attempt to make something meaningful of his life, he takes his son to go build his dream house for the summer. And it’s about how they collectively rehabilitate each other and the relationship that once existed.

Jay: I saw in the clip you have the nose ring.

Hayden: Yeah, I’m all decked out with the earrings and the eye shadow.

Jay: Did you ever go through that stage?…well you’re 20.

Hayden: No, no I never went that stage with the black hair and all that. No I, maybe this was my opportunity to rebel vicariously through Sam so I did.

Jay: But you lost, you look real skinny in that clip.

Hayden: I lost a bit of weight. I lost 25 pounds for the role.

Jay: By throwing up.

Selma: How did you do that, I want to hear about that.

Hayden: (laughs) A strong diet of vitamins and water and the occasional salad.

Selma: Oh no, I can’t do that.

Jay: First of all, you don’t lose a pound young lady, don’t become one of those sticks.

Jay: Did your folks go to the premiere in all of this ?

Hayden: Yeah, it was nice because it showed at the Toronto Film Festival and that’s where I’m from and my family lives there so I got to take my whole family actually. My parents, my sisters, my brother. My grandma came; it was the whole entourage. It was pretty cool.

Jay: Did your sister bounce in the seat ?

Hayden: (laughs) No she kept still.

Jay: Now we have a clip here. What is this scene we are going to see?

Hayden: I believe it’s when my father takes me and steals me and away from my mom to build a house for the summer.

Jay: Let’s take a look. Here’s ,Life as A House,; (shows a clip from the movie)

Hayden: There you go.

Jay: Hey will you sign our bike?

Hayden: Sure.

Jay: Sign our bike, anywhere you want.|They walk over to the motorcycle for Hayden to sign| That was easy wasn’t it? Hayden Christensen ladies and gentlemen.