Aug 11,2010

Fan Encounters

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It’s been awhile since the Fan Encounters page has been updated, but we have 2 new encounters thanks to Ariel and Maria.

Ariel was met Hayden at the Standard Hotel before the Reeves Champion party.

All I could think to do when I saw him was say his name- “Hayden!” He looked over and I asked if I could take a picture with him and he said sure. He asked my name and I told him. I told my mom earlier I would probably freeze up so she should tell him what I wish I could’ve said, so she told him how I admire his charity work. Read All ?

Maria met Hayden at the Reeves Champion party.

Said hello and said he remembered Jen and I were his Bullrun buddies. Told him Jen said hello and he gave me a big smile. Gave me a hug and as always, the next few minutes go by in seconds. Told him it was good to see him, we were excited about his projects, that a friend of mine saw an early screening of “Takers” and loved it. Talked about new York and that I now lived here. He said initially his role in Takers was supposed to be a cameo but the role escalated. Read All ?

Thank you both for sharing your encounters with us and congratulations again! :)

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  1. Comment by Deborah in August 11, 2021 @ 12:25 pm

    He just looks so happy! The breakup sure did him well. He looks like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.