Character : David Rice
Release Date : February 14th, 2008
Directed By : Doug Liman
Written By : David Goyer, Simon Kinberg
Genre : Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller
MPAA Rating : PG 13
Produced by : Lucas Foster, Simon Kinberg, and Jay Sanders
Distributed by : Regency Enterprises & 20th Century Fox
Budget : $100 million range
Filming Dates: September - December 2006 - January 2007
Box Office : $79,909,322 (US total)
Runtime: 88 minutes

Cast :
Samuel L. Jackson….Roland
Jamie Bell….Griffin
Rachel Bilson….Millie Harris
Diane Lane….Mary Rice…David’s Mother
Michael Rooker….William Rice…David’s Father
AnnaSophia Robb….Young Millie
Max Thieriot….Young David Rice
Teddy Dunn….Mark

Filming Locations :
New York
Ontario, Canada, Toronto
Rome, Lazio, Italy
Tokyo, Japan

Synopsis :

David Rice is a JUMPER, a teleporter who can go anywhere, anytime. He can see twenty sunsets in one night, whisk his girlfriend around the world in the blink of an eye, and grab millions of dollars in a matter of minutes. But his life takes a sharp turn when he finds himself relentlessly pursued by a secret organization sworn to kill Jumpers. Forming an uneasy alliance with another Jumper, David enters a war that has been raging for thousands of years, a war with our history hanging in the balance.

Leaping from the American Midwest to the streets of Tokyo and ruins of Rome, this action-packed adventure is the first chapter in an epic trilogy.

Jumper follows a young man from a broken home who discovers that he has the ability to teleport. In his quest for the man he believes is responsible for the death of his mother, the kid draws the attention of the National Security Agency and another youth with the same abilities. Christensen will play the young man who can teleport. Jackson plays an NSA agent, while Bell is the jumper who shows Christensen the ropes.

Based on the Steven Gould novel, “Jumper” follows a young man from a broken home who discovers that he has the ability to teleport. In his quest for the man he believes is responsible for the death of his mother, the kid draws the attention of the National Security Agency and another youth with the same abilities
Christensen will play the young man who can teleport. Jackson plays an NSA agent, while Bell is the jumper who shows Christensen the ropes.

Trivia and Facts :
• Evan Rachel Wood tested for the role of Millie.
• The roles of Davey and Millie were originally cast with Tom Sturridge and Teresa Palmer. After 2 months of production and inflating production costs, Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson were recast as the leads.
• There will be flash backs to the younger Davy and Millie and will help to set up the history of the main characters. Young Millie is played by Anna-Sophia Robb & Max Thieriot plays young Davy.
• Eminem turned down an offer to star.
• The crew was allowed to film inside the Colosseum for three days under the condition that no equipment could be placed on the ground. Shooting was allowed only between 6.30 and 8.30 am and again at 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm to avoid disturbing tourists. The only lighting allowed was natural sunlight.
• The movie “Jumper” takes place in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The high school depicted in the movie is called Huron High School and area teenagers were allowed an open call to appear as extras in the movies scenes in and around the school.
• John Powell wrote the score for Jumper. He also wrote the music for The Bourne Identity and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
• This will be the 3rd movie Hayden and Samuel L. Jackson will be co-stars in. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Poker Nights, but it never went into development.
• Roland Cox’s name in the original novel was Brian Cox. Most likely it was changed to avoid referring to the actor Brian Cox.
• David mentions King Kong while on the Empire State Building. Jamie Bell who play Griffin in this movie, played Jimmy in the movie King Kong.
• The hometown of the protagonist David Rice is Ann Arbor, Michigan. The writer David S. Goyer was born in Ann Arbor.
• While attending a wedding, Rachel Bilson received a phone call from Doug Liman asking if she would be interested in starring in Jumper.

Release Dates :
Argentina- February 14, 2022
Russia - February 14, 2022
Australia - February 14, 2022
UK - February 14, 2022
Spain - February 15, 2022
Sweden - February 15, 2022
Belgium - February 20, 2022
Egypt - February 20, 2022
France - February 20, 2022
Germany - February 21, 2022
Netherlands - February 21, 2022
Turkey - March 21, 2022

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Davey: You live in a cave…
Griffin: It’s called a lair!

Griffin: [to David] So would you kindly fuck off ?

Roland: Only God should have this power!

Millie: If you don’t want to tell me everything, that’s fine. Just don’t lie to me.

Griffin: Paladins kill Jumpers, I kill Paladins, class dismissed.

Davey: Take a deep breath.

Roland: [to David] You think it could go on like this forever? Living like this with no consequences?
[David tries to Jump and Cox stops him]
Roland: There are always consequences!

Roland: [to David] What I’d like to know is how you rob a bank without opening any doors.

Griffin: You can’t just keep following me.

Davey: Actually, I’m the only one who can keep following you.

Roland: You always go bad.
Davey: Maybe I’m different.

Davey: So you’re a Paladin and I’m a Jumper. What happens now ?
Mary Rice: I’m giving you a head start, son. Because I love you.

Griffin: I’m different. Boo!

Griffin: Actually, I knew this jumper once… crazy bastard! Tried to hop a whole building. Won’t be trying that again…
Davey: Why’s that?
Griffin: That’s ’cause he’s dead. Killed him! Still managed to shake it a little though.

Davey: [bowing to Coliseum statues] Thank you very much! Next showing will be at six o’clock. Don’t forget to tip your usher.

Davey: Why are you walking?
Griffin: I like to walk for a change. Makes me feel normal.

Davey: Where’d the Paladin go?
Griffin: Swimming.
Davey: Pacific ?
Griffin: No, actually Atlantic.

Griffin: [after Mille is taken by the Paladins] Crap, I uh, I didn’t expect that. I didn’t know.

Davey: [refering to bomb] What’s that?
Griffin: What?
Davey: What are you doing?
Griffin: Nothing, I was uh, you know thinking about going bowling
Davey: Wha-?
Griffin: Roland’s in there with his whole army. I’m going to go back there and end this, what do you think? Yeah I’m gonna blow him to Timbuktu.
Davey: Millie’s in there!
Griffin: Oh yeah, there is that as well.

[first lines]
Davey: Let me tell you about my day so far. Coffee in Paris, surfed the Maldives. Took a little nap on Mount Kilimanjaro. Oh yeah, and I got digits from this Polish chick in Rijo. And then I jumped back for the final quarter of the NBA finals. Court side, of course. And all that was before lunch.

[last lines]
Davey: Where do you want to go?
Millie: Surprise me.

Mistakes :
….During the scene at the airport, while waiting for his girlfriend, notice that the jumper’s grey t-shirt has three small holes on the upper chest. During the next scene, when he’s arrived at his girlfriend’s apartment, the three small holes on his t-shirt have gone.

….When David is perched atop Big Ben in London, the clock behind him clearly states it is half past 8, however the chimes are the same as if it were to the hour, rather than half past the hour.

….Despite the relatively short period of time covered by the main part of the film, during various establishing shots of Manhattan, the Empire State Building is seen to be lit for two different holidays, Independence Day and Christmas.

….When they are in Rome, there is a wide, high-angle establishing shot of the Coliseum. On the street by the Coliseum, we can clearly see a film crew, dolly tracks and a camera.

….When David rents a room in the apartment, the room he enters first is room 256. However, a scene later when the manager goes to knock on his door and complain about the noise, the room number is 205.

…When Griffin crash lands the jeep in the war zone scene, there is a man clearly seen sat next to him. However, when Griffin climbs out the jeep the seat in which the man sat is empty.

…When David goes surfing he picks out a gray surfboard with blue edges. When another surfer says there are waves in Fiji, he jumps there and we can clearly see the board is Yellow. He then has lunch on top of the Sphinx in Egypt and the surfboard is once again gray and blue.

…The “London” taxi shows a number on the wing. London taxis do not have any numbers on the exterior of the taxi, only on a plate at the back of the taxi.

… When David and Griffin are walking out of the Tokyo subway station, the sign is for the Ginza Line and Marunouchi Line. When they get outside, they are in Shibuya. The Marunouchi Line does not go to Shibuya.

….In the closing credits, the song “Ahead By A Century” performed by The Tragically Hip is stated as written by Robert Baker, Gord Downie, Johnny Fay, Paul Langlois and Robert Sinclair. Robert Sinclair is incorrect, as his name is Gord Sinclair.

….After teleporting his father’s body to the hospital, David’s grey sweatshirt has blood on it one moment then it’s clean over a series of several different shots.

….When Griffin brings the bus with him on his jump to roll over Roland, you can clearly see people on the bus. When the bus begins to roll the people are missing, but the bus driver is still visible.

….Crew or equipment visible: SPOILER: Reflected in car window when Davey and Millie step out of the cab in Rome.

….When David breaks through the ice his backpack is suddenly gone.

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