Role : Bodyguard
Musician : K-OS
Song : Zambony
Filming Dates :June 2010
Filming Locations : Los Angeles
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k-os – Zambony [Video]
Brand new video from k-os for the tune “Zambony” off his Yes! album. The video is a Two Three Five Films production and directed by X. Thrilled that k-os decided to make a video for this one.

The visuals for “Zambomy” feature Mississauga natvie Tassja Dawn aka Tassja Kemp Jackson (model/actress/singer) and the young Darth Vader, Hayden Christensen. Truly a song and video that would be appreciated by Canadian fans the most as the song lyrics make it quite clear where the artist is coming from and the video itself is largely centred around Canada’s favourite pasttime, hockey.

Has Natalie Portman ever heard your track “I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman?”
I’ve never met her. But I do know when she came to Canada for a film festival a friend of mine who works for “Entertainment Tonight” in Canada, at the end of the junket he asked her, “Have you heard of K-OS?” He had this on film so he sent it to me. She was like, “Yeah, I have heard of K-OS.” “Well, he has this song saying he wishes he knew you.”

I ended up meeting Hayden Christensen on a plane from L.A., he’s Canadian as well. He was like, “Yo man, I’m a fan of yours.” And I was like “Dude, I’m a ‘Star Wars’ freak.”

And we get to talking and he’s like, “Do you know I used to listen to The Rascalz CD and Natalie Portman would come in my trailer— The Rascalz are some friends I did a track with—and she loved her song?” Way back when they were doing “Star Wars.”

It’s interesting, man. Music, even meeting Hayden, putting energy out there, who you want to know…how quick it comes back to you. I think we already know who we’ll get along with. If you like someone as an actor, they probably like your music. I think she’s a fantastic actress.

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