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Aug 31,2010

Hollywood and Dine

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Thanks to sarebear from the DH.Net forum for letting us know that Hayden is on Hollywood and Dine this Friday, repeating on Sunday and Monday. Airing on Reelz Channel TV, as well as syndicated channels. Check your local listings for more information.

Cooking with the stars. Talking about upcoming movie releases and making the favorite dishes of Christina Applegate, Hayden Christensen, and James Cameron.
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Aug 31,2010

The Genesis Code

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Looks as if The Genesis Code will be delayed due to David R. Ellis’s newest project Shark Night 3D. At least to Collider.

Back in May, we reported that director David R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane) had come on board to direct Shark Night 3D, even though a few days earlier he signed on to helm The Genesis Code with Hayden Christensen set to star. It now looks like Shark Night 3D will indeed be Ellis’ next project. Source

Aug 31,2010

Takers Motion Picture Soundtrack

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The Takers Motion Picture Soundtrack is available for $9.99 on Itunes. The music was composed by Paul Haslinger and it features 20 songs. Can’t go wrong right?

You can check out the songs and page at Itunes.

Aug 31,2010

Takers Featurette

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Here is a Takers Featurette featuring the cast, unfortunately there’s no interview with Hayden, but he’s still shown.

Aug 30,2010

New Layout

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As you can see we have a new layout, all thanks to Tathy for creating it. I couldn’t resist using the Instyle pictures. I hope you all like it as well and feel free to leave your comments below. Also, let me know if you spot any errors.

Be sure to take part in the new poll too!

Aug 30,2010

The Rust Pilotto

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Patrick from Creative Recreation wrote and informed me that the boots Hayden is sporting in the newest candids are The Rust Pilotto by Creative Recreation. It’s described as a light and comfortable desert boot that is the perfect blend of fashion and function. It retails for $225 and is available in selected retail stores.

You can see Hayden mentioned on their Journal Spotted This Week Wearing CR.

Check out their Official Site and Follow on Twitter / Facebook

I’ll be sure to add this on Den’s Style and promise to update all of the sections asap. :)

Aug 30,2010

Takers is #1 at the Box Office

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Takers is #1 at the box office! Congrats to Hayden and cast!

From Hollywoodreporter:
‘Takers’ overtakes ‘Exorcism’ for weekend win.

Sony’s crime thriller “Takers” has overtaken Lionsgate’s horror pic “The Last Exorcism” for box office bragging rights from the past weekend.

Final official data released Monday show “Takers” took in $20.5 million, compared with $20.4 million conjured by “Exorcism.” That gave the competing wide openers the Nos. 1 and 2 positions, respectively, among all films playing in domestic cinemas during the weekend.

The rankings were reversed from Sunday, when initial studio estimates showed “Exorcism” with $21.3 million and “Takers” posted a preliminary $21 million.

Aug 29,2010

Takers Box Office

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So far it looks like Takers will come in at #2, but it’s really close. We won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

From Entertainment Weekly: This one may not be decided until tomorrow as the top two films are only separated by a meager $300,000. It’s interesting that for a weekend that wasn’t generating much attention from Hollywood, both new releases have now grossed over $20 million, creating a real horse race.

After sitting on the shelf for almost a year, the ensemble crime-drama Takers (Sony/Screen Gems), starring Paul Walker, Idris Elba, rapper T.I., Chris Brown, Zoe Saldana, Hayden Christensen and Matt Dillon, exploded out of the gate with its own $21 million in 2,206 theaters, an impressive per-theater average of $9500 per site.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to see it, support Hayden and let’s make Takers #1! :)

Aug 29,2010

Forum Registration

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Is now open for a short time! Join us at

Aug 28,2010

Early Box Office Estimates

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According to early estimates, The Last Exorcism is on pace to edge heist flick Takers for the weekend box office’s top spot.

Backed by horror king Eli Roth but featuring mostly unknowns, The Last Exorcism is projected to end with $23 million. Takers, with an ensemble cast that includes Matt Dillon and Hayden Christensen, is tracking to $20 million. Read More ?

Aug 27,2010

Out and About

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Candids > 2010 > Los Angeles > 08-26-10

Aug 27,2010

Takers Press Day Interview

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Takers: Exclusive: Hayden Christensen & Idris Elba


Aug 27,2010

Takers Now in Theaters

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Don’t forget to support Hayden by going to see Takers this weekend. I plan on going Saturday night and can’t wait! Feel free to post your thoughts and opinions below in the comments and or in the Takers thread at the Forum.

So who’s going and how many times will you of have you seen it?

I saw Takers tonight and really enjoyed it. I defiantly loved the action, and thought Hayden did a great job too! The piano part really showed his music talent again. I did cry towards to the end, I’ll admit, but was happy how it all turned out. I’d defiantly recommend it!

Aug 26,2010

How Hayden Christensen’s ‘Takers’ Character Is Like Darth Vader

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From Vibe.Com - That’s until he uses the fight ‘force’ and opens a can of whup ass in one of the film’s most exciting fight scenes. “It was mostly me,” Christensen says of the sequence that required very little stunt help, “I had to make sure I was in decent shape so I didn’t get beat up too badly.”

Having had lots of movie fighting experience from the latter two Star Wars prequels, 29-year old actor says he was accustomed to the physical grind highs and lows shooting those scenes require. “It was a well-choreographed sequence and it was very safe. But we spent a day roughing each other up and I got to give it to him,” he laughs of the other actor in the scene.

And Christensen says once he got a hold of the Takers script, being apart of the summer action thriller was a no-brainer, because the film’s subject matter took him back to his earliest childhood dreams.

“To get the chance to make a proper action movie with big explosions?” the Canadian-born actor says. “Running around, playing cops and robbers and shooting a gun? It was totally to indulge the kid in me.”

Aug 25,2010

Collider Interviews Takers Cast

Posted by admin with 8 Comments has exclusive interviews/videos with the cast of Takers.

Finally Hayden Christiansen Christensen and Idris Elba talk the Colonel’s Original Recipe, practical effects vs. CGI, and upcoming projects Jumper 2 and Thor!

Hayden confirms that Vanishing on 7th Street will be at the Toronto Film Festival.

Watch and read more at the Source