Vanishing on 7th Street

Character : Luke (Reporter)
Directed by : Brad Anderson
Writer Credits : Anthony Jaswinski
Genre : Horror / Mystery /Thriller more
MPAA Rating : N/A
Produced by : Circle of Confusion, DRO Entertainment, Plum Pictures, Redwood Palms Pictures
Filming Dates : October 2009 - December 2009

Cast :
….Thandie Newton
….John Leguizamo
….Dave LewAllen…TV News Reporter
….Taylor Groothuis…Briana
….Jacob Latimore…James

Filming Locations :
Detroit Michigan USA

Synopsis :

Following a mysterious blackout, most of the population vanishes into thin air. As the remaining survivors converge in a small tavern to figure out what happened, the darkness returns to claim them one by one.

A terrifying thriller about a blackout that mysteriously takes the lives of most of the world’s population. A small group of survivors in Spokane, Washington holes up in a bar and plots their survival as the darkness returns to reclaim them.

Trivia and Facts :

Press Articles
Vanishing on 7th Street has learned Hayden Christensen (Star Wars, Jumper) is in talks to co-star in Vanishing on 7th Street, the latest picture from Brad Anderson, the director of Session 9 and The Machinist.

Christensen will join previously rumored cast members John Leguizamo and Thandie Newton. The three play survivors of a mysterious phenomenon in which, during a blackout most of the population disappears. Holed up in a tavern, they try to piece together what’s happening before the “darkness” returns.

Shooting is expected to begin later this month in Spokane, Washington and New York.

Hannibal Pictures is the production company that will take on this film, but it looks as if they’re calling the film “Darkness”.

Release Date :

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