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Feb 28,2011

Takers DVD Screencaptures

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I’ve added over 300 screencaps from the movie Takers. I apologize for taking so long to get these up, but what counts is that they are up and in HQ. Enjoy!

Movies > Takers > DVD > Menus & Screencaps

BTW if you haven’t seen this movie, the screencaps contain spoilers, so please be aware. Also, be sure to let me know if you would like me the parts he featured in to the video archive.

Feb 28,2011

Vanishing on 7th Street DVD & Blu-Ray

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The Vanishing on 7th Street DVD and Blu-Ray will be available to buy on May 17th. According to Dark Horizons. Be sure to reserve your copy today at

Thanks Lauren also!

Feb 21,2011

Brad Anderson on his ‘Vanishing on 7th Street’

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Detroit a perfect setting for postapocalyptic ‘Vanishing on 7th Street’

Filmed in just 20 days last fall on digital video using the cost-effective Red camera, “7th Street” follows four strangers (Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton, John Leguizamo and 14-year-old newcomer Jacob Latimore) who try to regroup in a tavern after a huge blackout that has left the rest of the world in ruins.

Anderson says he liked Anthony Jaswinski’s script because “it’s not about monsters lurking in the shadows. The shadows themselves are the monsters. How do you pull that off technically so it feels organic and creepy? I liked taking on that challenge.” Source- Hugh Hart
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Feb 20,2011

Out and About

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Feb 18,2011

Vanishing on 7th Street out in theaters!

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Don’t forget to head out to the theater and see Vanishing on 7th Street. Scott from Magnolia Pictures wrote to let me know about another contest.

Enter to WIN the DVD/SIGNED POSTER giveaway contest for HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN’S new movie VANISHING ON 7TH STREET!! Enter at VANISHING is in theaters this FRIDAY 2/18!!

Are you going to see it? Have you seen it already, and still going? Let me know in the comments below.

Feb 15,2011

Exclusive: Brad Anderson on the Darkness of ‘Vanishing on 7th Street’

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Hayden Christensen leads a cast as Luke, a local TV personality who becomes the de-facto leader of a small group of survivors.

This is a pretty unique cast of characters. Can you discuss the casting choices?
The first one on board was Hayden. He just responded to the mystery of the story like I did and he was looking to play more of a merciless character that he hadn’t really played before. And I wanted to assemble an ensemble that was diverse and felt like they could be a cross-section of Detroit. Different ethniticies and classes of people so that the story took on a fable quality. It wasn’t just four frat boys trying to survive, but these were four kind of everyday people in this American city struggling to join forces to survive against this threat. Continue Reading ?

Feb 13,2011

TIFF ’10: Vanishing On 7th St, Hayden Christensen

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Thanks to Lauren from the DH.Net Forum!

Feb 10,2011

Motor City runs on empty

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The producers of Magnet/Magnolia Pictures’ “Vanishing on 7th Street” found just the right city for their sci-fi pic.

“If you’re doing a post-apocalyptic theme, Detroit fits the bill,” helmer Brad Anderson said at Monday’s Cinema Society preem at the IFC Center. “Even if they didn’t have a 41% rebate, that town works for this movie thematically. It’s a place that really is suffering a vanishing of people and we didn’t have to do a lot to create that reality there.”

Hayden Christensen agreed: “There were so few people around, which worked well for our movie. Usually passersby come by and see you — and there was nobody.”

By Variety Staff, Variety Staff, Stephen Schaefer, Source

Feb 09,2011

Out and About

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Candids > 2011 > LAX > 02-08-11

Thanks Mariana!

Feb 09,2011

Vanishing on 7th Premiere Pictures

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Premieres > 2011 > Vanishing on 7th Street Premiere- NYC > 02-07-11

Feb 08,2011

Even Darth Vader doesn’t love the Dark

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Hayden Christensen, Eve and Russell Simmons were in the house for a Cinema Society party.

Although Cinema Society’s Vanishing on 7th Street’s screening afterparty at Beauty & Essex was not the official start to Fashion Week, it had the blessing of the God of Going Out himself, Russell Simmons.

Star of the film, Hayden Christiansen, was happy to have a quick chat about his latest vacation to Barbados with his family.

Looking very dapper in a Burberry suit and skinny tie he told us about the best restaurant on the island, called Chicken Rita’s. “It’s the best fried chicken you’ve ever had in your life. All Rita makes is fried chicken and friend fish. Source

Feb 08,2011

If You Liked ‘The Social Network,’ You Might Like … ‘Shattered Glass’

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If you liked ‘The Social Network,’ you might like the underrated movie ‘Shattered Glass,’ from 2003.

The difference in the two portrayals — and perhaps what made ‘The Social Network’ more commercially and critically successful — was that Eisenberg gave Facebook’s founder a touch of humanity that is lacking in Christensen’s choice to make Glass totally unsympathetic.

In the end, Glass’ friends at the New Republic side with Chuck and he is alone at the conference table — the same way Zuckerberg is left in ‘The Social Network.’ The only difference is, Zuckerberg is a billionaire and Glass is disgraced. Source

Feb 08,2011

Out and About

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Candids > 2011 > Leaving LA > 02-06-11

I’ve also added more pictures to the gallery from various events, candids, Movies, etc.
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