Ariel’s Encounter

The Standard Hotel on August 10, 2021

So I got to NY super early and ate lunch, then afterwards headed over to the hotel. I went with my mom so we just sat outside of the hotel for a while but it was still really early so after a while we decided to go look around in the shops nearby. We went into one, but when we came out we saw a limo going towards the hotel so we thought it might be him so we followed it, but it just drove right past the hotel. After that I was scared to leave the hotel because I thought I’d miss him or something! So then it started to rain so we waited in the lobby of the hotel. A ton of people were walking in and out and before long, Hayden walked right through the revolving doors! I didn’t know what to do when I saw him, I hadn’t really come up with a plan or anything and my mind was racing!

All I could think to do when I saw him was say his name- “Hayden!” He looked over and I asked if I could take a picture with him and he said sure. He asked my name and I told him. I told my mom earlier I would probably freeze up so she should tell him what I wish I could’ve said, so she told him how I admire his charity work. He said thank you and asked if we were going to the dinner tonight. We both said no, my mom said “we just stopped by” haha. I said thanks and he picked up his bags, and I felt kinda bad doing this, but then I asked him to sign something for me too. I was like “I’m really sorry” but he didn’t seem to mind. He asked how to spell my name and I told him and he wrote:
“To Ariel
Nice to meet you.
All my Best
[and his signature]”
Considering he wrote so much, I figured he didn’t really mind stopping. He could’ve just scribbled a signature and moved on. He went over to the desk to sign in, and then went outside to smoke. I was still freaking out so I stayed inside for a while. On his way back in, he smiled at me as he walked past me :)
And then I left, so… That’s about it… Yep. Very, very exciting day :)