Maria’s Encounter

The Dana Reeve Foundation Host Champions Party August 10, 2021

Hello. So just got back from the event at the “Boom Boom Room” at the Standard hotel. The event was held in a bar/lounge area so people were mingling and socializing all throughout the room. Wasn’t expecting quite that but there you go. Hayden showed up about 40 minutes in and was sent to the roped off area for the professional pictures area by the windows about 15 minutes after his arrival. Looking pretty hot! I was at the bar and watched the professional picture taking. Then he was released and mingled a little before he approached the bar. He was talking to someone and then after about a minute watching him talk to no one, I made my move. Said hello and said he remembered Jen and I were his Bullrun buddies. Told him Jen said hello and he gave me a big smile. Gave me a hug and as always, the next few minutes go by in seconds. Told him it was good to see him, we were excited about his projects, that a friend of mine saw an early screening of “Takers” and loved it. Talked about new York and that I now lived here. He said initially his role in Takers was supposed to be a cameo but the role escalated. Asked him about how he was involved in the Reeves foundation and he said he knew the president, they asked for him to come and he said sure. I mentioned that he seems to be involved in a lot of charities lately and he said yeah, I do what I can to help. I said, “Keeps you from staying out of trouble huh?” and he laughs and said yes it does, keeps me out of trouble. I asked if I could take a picture of him and he goes no, no, let’s take a picture together. I love it haha.