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May 10,2010

Rio de Janeiro Update

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Actor Hayden Christensen will not escape the basic package in its passage through Rio de Janeiro. Scaled for the parade of Lacoste, which happens on Wednesday (12) in the Hotel Copacabana Palace, the star has already booked all the tours are typical of a foreigner in the Marvelous City.

The invitation of Crown brand, Michel Lacoste, Hayden arrives in Brazil to 14h this Tuesday (11). With the day off, will visit Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf, and attend a dinner specially prepared in a traditional restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.

On his first visit to the country, it will be presented by a Brazilian national team. This time, it will not bring his girlfriend, actress Rachel Bilson. Hayden will be staying in a hotel in the south of Rio and back to Los Angeles on Thursday (13).


May 05,2010

A Night at the Met

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Harvey Weinstein hung out at the unofficial Costume Institute after-party at the Boom Boom Room, which is now being called Top of the Standard, until after 3 a.m. (In fairness, at that hour, the actors Daniel Craig, Sienna Miller, Jude Law, Paul Rudd, Ben Stiller, Elizabeth Banks, Malin Akerman and Zoe Saldana were all there too, though Ms. Saldana explained she was “about to turn into a pumpkin.”) Earlier in the evening, Mr. Weinstein had joked to the actor Hayden Christensen that he was “staying out of trouble.” “You know, she’s pregnant now,” Mr. Weinstein said, affectionately patting wife and Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman’s belly. They’ve confirmed they are having a girl.

Apr 29,2010

(RED) Launches The Lazarus Effect Campaign

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Hayden is apart of the The Lazarus Effect Campaign by RED and took part in the PSA (see video below).

(RED) today announced the launch of The Lazarus Effect Campaign, a multi-platform campaign across TV, online and print, including an HBO documentary airing on May 24, that will help raise awareness of the transformative effect of antiretroviral medicine for those living with HIV in Africa. Launching April 29 on HBO, the awareness campaign will roll out across various TV and online networks in the coming weeks. The campaign equates the relative value of 40 cents by comparing trivial items worth 40 cents e.g. a stick of gum, a smear of lipstick — to the value of one day’s worth of life transforming antiretroviral medication.

The campaign, directed by renowned photographer Brigitte Lacombe, features Hayden Christensen, Bono, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Claire Danes, Alek Wek, Iman, John Turturro…..Read More ?

Mar 02,2010

Hayden Mention

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F.Y.I. This is not a rumored project just a mention, thanks to Lora for the find.

John Krasinski To Be Named Captain America? Maybe………
Here’s one for all you Marvel nerds…errr, enthusiasts. The First Avenger: Captain America, due to be released the summer of 2011, is now casting for it’s main hero, Steve Rogers… aka: the Cap!

Finally, there’s Hayden Christensen. Star War’s little sweetheart… He’s definitely my frontrunner for the role of Captain America. If we had to look to one person to save us from evil, I would definitely feel more confident in Christensen than in Krasinski. I want to be saved, not pranked! Plus, look at him! He’s got a much more chiseled jawline…. it practically screams Captain America! Can you hear it?


Feb 21,2010

Celebrity spectators soak up USA-Canada excitement

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While both Phelps and Blair were all smiles during a game that broke the Americans’ way early and late, Canadian actor Hayden Christensen (the “Star Wars” prequels) was nervous due to the USA 3-2 lead going into the third period.

“Beyond nervous,” said Christensen, dressed in a Canada home-white jersey and sporting a black-and-red-trim Team Canada while sitting in Section 117, Row 23. “It’s been an amazing game but I don’t like the score right now.”

Christensen lives in Vancouver and said “it’s incredible, such a treat for all of us to have the Olympics in our city.” He is a Canucks fan, but also roots for NHLers Raffi Torres (Columbus) and the well-traveled Mike Zigomanis (right now playing for Toronto’s top minor-league team).

“I played hockey with both of them growing up,” said Christensen. “I dreamed about becoming a pro hockey player, just like most kids [in Canada]. I love the game.”

Feb 12,2010

Hayden Mention

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Idris Elba Covers Uptown Magazine
Like your character in the upcoming heist flick Takers.
I play Gordon, the leader of a motley pack, a hardened criminal who does high-end bank jobs. He’s suave but ferocious—and ruthless when he needs to be.

The cast seems like a fun boys club, with costars Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, and Michael Ealy.
Good fellas, man. Everyone was just snapping on one another. If you weren’t sharp with your wit you might get laughed at for 20 minutes. Of course you have Hayden Christensen, he’s a little less slick with his…he’s more of a farm boy. But he’d give it back whenever he wanted to.

Feb 09,2010

Vanishing on 7th Street Mention

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Jesse Averna (first assistant editor) tweeted about a 2nd screening of Vanishing.

In the Disney screening room for our 2nd screening of Vanishing On 7th Street
10 minutes ago
from Echofon
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Feb 06,2010

Winter Olympics Mention

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That hometown boy Hayden Christensen and his steady Rachel Bilson are apparently headed out west for the Olympics. May the force be with them.

Jan 29,2010

Vancouver Winter 2010 Olympic Games

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According to this article, Hayden may be a guest at the Vancouver Winter 2010 Olympic Games.

Impressive Games guest list to include sport, society, Hollywood A-list
Not everything that sparkles during next month’s Winter Games will be Olympic gold. Some of the Games-time gleam in the city will come from the many, many stars expected to be in town to party.

In Vancouver, business should be a bit easier. Not all celebrities shun a camera lens.

“I’ve heard some pretty big names coming here. It’ll be good A-listers, put it that way,” Fedyck says.

He’s been told that Hayden Christensen of Star Wars fame, and rapper Sean “Puffy” Combs are on the Games guest list.


Nov 19,2009

Local dog becomes movie star, meets “Darth Vader

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Whether or not you agree with the tax-credit program that sparked it, the burgeoning movie industry is creating all kinds of quirky and interesting situations we otherwise wouldn’t be seeing around here.
Here’s one: Mary Dixon, who runs the local company Mup Mups Animal Actors, has a tale of a Saline poodle’s brush with the big time.

On the evening of November 8th, Bunny found her self on a darkened street, in Darth Vader’s arms…

In October and early November, my Ann Arbor company, Mup Mups Animal Actors, was hired to work on the film “The Vanishing on 7th Street” in Detroit.

“Vanishing” is directed by Brad Anderson (of the TV show “Fringe”) and stars Hayden Christensen (the young Darth Vader in the recent “Star Wars” sagas), John Leguizamo (Henri-Toulouse Latrec in “Moulin Rouge”) and Thandie Newton (Makemba “Kem” Likasu in the TV show “ER”) as survivors in a world where shadowy figures appear and human beings disappear.

The plot is so hush-hush, even I was not given a script (which we usually have so that we can break down the animal action as required). We had to train on-set for both animals, which can be a real challenge, no matter how simple the action seems (to the director or crew) or how good a trainer you are!

For the October days, I hired a real police horse, whose owner, a sergeant, came as his primary handler. Which was good, since we were shooting in a not-so-nice area of Detroit! The production company closed down I-75 for 8 hours for one of the police horse shoots, which I believe is the biggest stunt a film company has pulled off since the Michigan Film Incentive (MFI) was started in April 2008.

The other animal I was asked to find for the film was a white standard poodle.

I’ve been involved in the dog show scene for 15 years as an obedience and conformation exhibitor and as a vendor of my handmade porcelain dog breed jewelry. So I knew it would be difficult at this time of year to find the extreme show-groomed poodles, with the balls and flourishes. They are all on the road, being shown for those last-minute 2009 AKC standings, most with professional dog handlers.

But, luckily for us, Bunny and a few other young ones were available. Of those, he picked Bunny.

Bunny is a young white standard poodle bred and owned by longtime show exhibitor and Southeast Michigan Poodle Club president Patricia Jason of Saline. She was cast as a fancy dog wandering alone to fend for herself on the streets of the deserted city. We shot on a back street between the Compuware building and Greektown, just under the People Mover.

The script called for her to walk around from one mark to another, seemingly easy stuff. But when I, Pat and her daughter Danielle Sugai got there, we were asked to add a few other behaviors to make the scene more realistic.

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Nov 18,2009

Vanishing on Seventh Street/Hayden Mention

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Jacob Latimore tweeted about Hayden and I wanted to share.

OH yeah i was at the movie shoot last night. Hayden Christensen gave me a xbox 360. it might be nothing to some people but….. A xbox 360, Great gift.
20 minutes ago from web

Via jacoblatimore

BTW, Jacob plays James in Vanishing.

Nov 11,2009

Vanishing on Seventh Street Tweets

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Yet another tweet mention Vanishing. This time it’s from Taylor Groothuis who plays Briana. Looks to be like her last day tomorrow.

On the set of “Vanishing” with Hayden C. and Thandie Newton. She is beautiful, kind, and SUCH a great actress! Fun night…!


Update!!! Tomorrow, last shoot day on “Vanishing..” SO SAD! LOVE those people! Then Sunday I start “A Year in Mooring” in Traverse City!!!

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Nov 09,2009

Random Vanishing on 7th Street Tweets

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Another tweet from Twitter about Vanishing on Seventh Street.

Today I shoot with Hayden Christensen and Thandie Newton!!! for new film “Vanishing on the 7th. Thank you Jesus!!
5 minutes ago from web

Via ShawntayDalon

Yet even more!

Movie being filmed is “Vanishing on 7th Street”. Hayden Christenson is in it.

Via Holli81

They just lit a car on fire outside our loft in Detroit. Filming of “Vanishing on 7th Street”. Awesome!

Via JaredDetroit

Working on “Vanishing on 7th Street” today.

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Nov 05,2009

Vanishing on Seventh Street Mention

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Red hot following the success of the micro-budget Paranormal Activity, Stuart Ford’s LA-based international sales company IM Global is unleashing its Octane genre label at AFM this week, kicking off with Brad Anderson thriller’s The Vanishing On 7th Street.

Former Showtime executive Catherine Quantschnigg will run the division, which was formerly known as IM Global Home Entertainment but has beenrefocused to handle sub-$10m theatrical fare.

Shooting is underway on the Herrick Entertainment and Plum Pictures story starring Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton, and John Leguizamo.

The story centres on an apocalyptic horror that engulfs the world following a mysterious blackout and is produced by Norton Herrick, Celine Rattray and Tove Christensen.


Oct 28,2009

Vanishing on Seventh Street Updates

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John Leguizamo who is in the “D” with Hayden and Thandie Newton, tweeted about Vanishing on Seventh Street.

got depressing scene to shoot today 3 pages lots to learn
41 minutes ago from web

started movie in detroit. Vanishing. hayden christansenn is actually really good + thandie newtonis really hot. dont worry wifey. i spoken
41 minutes ago from web


Also, yet another from the Assistant Editor, Jesse Averna.

‘Vanishing on 7th Street’ is looking AMAZING!
about 15 hours ago from Echofon