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Jul 17,2011

Awake DVD/Blu-ray Covers

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I’ve added a new Blu-ray and dvd cover from Awake (Japanese)

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Awake will be released on Blu-ray & DVD September 07, 2021 in Japan.
Thanks Takako for the info and images.

Oct 05,2009

Awake Mention

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The £15 device that stops you waking up during operations
A £15 set of electrodes could help doctors read a patient’s mind during a general anaesthetic. Not only will this ensure the patient is properly anaesthetised, but because doctors will be able to monitor the effect of the anaesthesia more accurately, this will reduce dosages, so patients will wake up less woozy, and cut the risk of overdose.

A still from the film ‘Awake’, in which the character of Clayton Beresford Jr. (played by Hayden Christensen) wakes up during a heart transplant.


Aug 02,2009

Gallery Updates

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