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Jul 20,2010

A Virtual Set Visit - Vanishing on 7th St.

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A Virtual Set Visit with this Featurette and Movie Still for Vanishing on 7th St.
Director Brad Anderson has a great deal of experience working within the horror genre with a production in the “Masters of Horror” series and Anderson has also directed the well received The Machinist. His latest film is a Herrick Entertainment production entitled Vanishing on 7th St. This film has an all-star cast which includes Hayden Christensen (Jumper), Thandie Newton (2012), and John Leguizamo (Land of the Dead). This film was originally titled The Darkness and was slated to release in 2010; now, the film has been pushed back a year and the production crew has settled on a much more unique name (UHM). Source

Jul 19,2010

TIFF Bound: Brad Anderson’s Vanishing on 7th Street

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File this under confirmed films for TIFF 2010 that have yet to be announced. A strong contender for a Midnight Madness slot, Brad Anderson’s Vanishing on 7th Street will perhaps have its North American, and most likely world premiere this September. Anderson who presented The Machinist at the fest several years back, usually shuttles between television work and feature films - with his last pic being the train murder thriller Transsiberian. Source

Jul 18,2010

GNT Fashion Clip/Caps

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The interview of Hayden from GNT Fashion has been added to the video archive.

Public Appearances > 2010 > GNT Fasion

Screencaps have also been added.

Online Interviews & Event Videos > 2010 > GNT Fashion Interview > Caps

Jul 18,2010

Site News

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The yearly hosting is just about up, and I’d greatly appreciate anything you can contribute. Everything will help and go all to DH.NET! Thank you everyone!

Jul 17,2010

Vanishing on 7th Street at TIFF

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According to John Leguizamo article Vanishing will in fact premiere at this year’s Toronto Film Festival. Since this is Toronto, I think Hayden will attend, unless he’s working on a film or has another event to attend. Fingers crossed!

John Leguizamo brings one-man show to Montreal-
Besides other film projects in the works, he’ll be at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival to premiere “Vanishing on 7th Street,” in which he plays a film projectionist who finds people starting to disappear all around him. Source

Jul 15,2010

K-OS Zambony Hayden Mention

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K-os One Step Closer to Knowing Natalie Portman; Watch New Video for ‘Zambony’

If K-os plays his cards right, he’s one step closer to knowing Natalie Portman. The Toronto/Vancouver hip-hop star has recruited Portman’s Star Wars co-star Hayden Christensen for new video “Zambony,” and you can watch it right here.

In the clip, Christensen’s more to K-os than a potential Hollywood “in.” The Vancouver-born actor plays the rapper’s too-cool security detail, though why K-os needs to hire some muscle isn’t entirely apparent, at least until the very end — and even then, we’re skeptical. Maybe, like all of us, he just likes the idea of being chaufferred by a Jedi. Read All ?

Jul 15,2010

Wallpaper Update

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I’ve created 2 new wallpapers and also added a few submissions from Lauren. Click the names below to view them.

Wallpapers > Webmasters and Lauren

Jul 14,2010

Zambony Video Clip/Caps

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The clip is now available for download at DHN Media.Net.

Music Productions > K-OS > Zambony

I’ve also added HQ screencaps from the video.

Music Video > K-OS > Zambony > Screencaps

Jul 14,2010

k-os – Zambony [Video]

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Brand new video from k-os for the tune “Zambony” off his Yes! album. The video is a Two Three Five Films production and directed by X. Thrilled that k-os decided to make a video for this one.

The visuals for “Zambomy” feature Mississauga natvie Tassja Dawn aka Tassja Kemp Jackson (model/actress/singer) and the young Darth Vader, Hayden Christensen. Truly a song and video that would be appreciated by Canadian fans the most as the song lyrics make it quite clear where the artist is coming from and the video itself is largely centred around Canada’s favourite pasttime, hockey. Read More?

Jul 14,2010

K-OS Zambony Video

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Finally!! Here is the video by K-OS “Zambony” featuring Hayden. Screencaps and download link will be added asap!

Also, be sure to follow K-OS on their Twitter and Facebook

Jul 13,2010

The Cold Update

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Hayden’s name has been officially added to the Cold at the movie’s official production sites. and Also, IMDB has the release for 2011. Looking forward to it! Thanks Laura and DSolo!

Jul 11,2010

DH.Net Twitter

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Follow Desiring Hayden.Net on Twitter.

Jul 10,2010

Vanishing on 7th Street Website

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The Vanishing on 7th Street official website is up and running! Currently the status is coming soon, and the official Facebooknow has 2011 for the release year date.

Also, follow Vanishing on 7th Street’s twitter. and Facebook

Jul 07,2010

Forum Registration

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Registration at the Desiring Hayden.Net forum is now open for about a week or so. If you’re a fan, come on in and join us!

Thanks to Rosie for the beautiful new banners!

Jul 04,2010

Happy Independence Day

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Happy 4th of July and I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. Be safe and have fun!