Aug 22,2010

Gallery Update

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I’m going to make this into 1 post instead of 3 different ones so it’ll be easier.

HQ promotional stills from Takers. I’ve also replaced a few with the higher quality.

Movies > Takers > Promotional Stills

Candids > 2010 > NYC > 08-19-10

Premieres > 2010 > Takers Vegas

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One Response to “Gallery Update”

  1. Comment by Ruth in August 25, 2021 @ 9:33 pm

    Ahhhhh, that’s our guy…HAYDEN! He’s so easy on the eyes, isn’t he? I’ve got to get out my HAYDEN T-shirt, wash it and get it ready for Friday night! We will all be wearing our fan club T-shirts…how weird is that? We might just scare the entire theatre when we walk in, NOW if HAYDEN was with us everyone would be looking at him! Ha ha!