May 16,2010

A Chat with Hayden Christensen

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JBOnline interviewed Hayden during his trip to Brazil this past week.

You can envy me: We had a chat in Hayden’s hotel room,, in Fasano!
Tall, blonde, fine features ( perfect I can say while Im on it..) and shy .That’s how Canadian stud Hayden Christensen is, he has a restrained smile but sincere. He doesn’t kid about women or his personal life, he is the fiancé of the beautiful actress Rachel Bilson. Hayden who is known because of his character Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) in the Star Wars saga was in Brasil for launching Challenge, the new perfume of Lacoste. We found out the handsome guy adores pizza and Vodka and hates to have security guards all time around.

This is your first visit to Latin America, what do you think about Brasil?
Rio is beautiful, and I love calm attitude of Brazilian people, I have heard so much about it after the announce of this town as the venue for Olympic Games. Montreal developed so much after the games, I think it will the same for you.

What did you like the most?
The music. I just finished filming a psychological thriller, “Non-stop to Brazil”, by Brad Anderson, a movie that trace a bridge between Brazil and America through the music.I knew about Brazilian rhythm and I find them fascinating.(Note: the journalist thinks the name is the last movie of Brad Anderson instead “Vanishing in the 7thstreet”, Brad Anderson made music for the soundtrack of “Vanishing…)

Another projects?
Now, in summer (our winter..) the release of “Takers” with Matt Dillon, its a movie about a bank robber band and Jumper II script, although not soon..

Michael Lacoste brought you, on Wednesday, to à Fundação Gol de Letra of ex football player Raí, how it was?
Wonderful! I met the children and even played with the ball! it was a pity I wore boots but I could pass the ball better! I adore being part of social works,there are as much terrible things that happens around the world, its necessary to help! I just finished a campaigning for RED. I was in Africa a few time ago and I was shocked because how aids hits their society.

Do you like Football?
I played football since I was a child, although I play more to Hockey or tenis. One good thing about football is you dont need more than a ball and friends. Sometimes I get together a group for playing a match.

Would you like working with some Brazilian film maker?
Sure, with Fernando Meirelles, who directed “The constant gardener”

Are you interested in fashion?
I’d like to be presentable! (laughs!) dress is a way to express, but I’m not fashionista.I prefer to use comfy clothes that I can soil! so I don’t suffer shopping, I’m lucky I have a person who do that for me…

How does a woman have to dress if she wants you stare at her?
First of all she needs to respect herself, I don’t like when they use less clothes, simply is better.

Challenge…which is the most challenge project you have faced?
If its about my career, I spare no effort to conquer new spaces, although I’m known because action film, I made always, parallel to this films, more introspective characters and I’d like to be known by them too. Acting in big productions is great, because so many people goes to theaters on the other hand I don’t act thinking how many tickets I’m going to sell.What really attracts me is the personality of the character.

What about a Canadian production?
There aren’t so much films in Canada,anyway, we are there…I’m wishing to make a Canadian film, all I need is the invitation…


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    WOW I like that pic a LOT! HQ?

  2. Comment by Gris in May 17, 2021 @ 2:37 pm

    Hi, I’m a brazilian girl and I love Hayden, too.
    I will translate the interview and send back tomorrow…