Life as a House

Character : Sam Monroe
Release Date : November 9, 2021
Directed By : Irwin Winkler
Written By : Mark Andrus
Genre : Drama / Comedy
MPAA Rating : R
Produced by : Rob Cowan
Distributed by : Winkler Films and New Line Cinema
Budget : $18,000,000
Box Office Total : $294,056

Cast :
Kevin Kline…George Monroe
Kristin Scott Thomas…Robin Kimball
Jena Malone…Alyssa Beck
Mary Steenburgen…Colleen Beck
Mike Weinberg…Adam Kimball
Scotty Leavenworth…Ryan Kimball
Ian Somerhalder…Josh

Filming Locations :
Bermuda (video taped footage)

Long Beach, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Malibu, California, USA

Palos Verdes, California, USA

Santa Catalina Island, Channel Islands, California, USA

Synopsis :

Unfilled and depressed, 45-year old architect George Monroe has lost sight of his dreams. Living in an inherited shack he had planned on rebuilding years ago, he works tirelessly at his job and remains estranged from his family: ex-wife Robin and maladjusted son Sam. But, in one day, the course of George’s life changes forever. He is fired from his job and diagnosed with a terminal illness. Given only four months to live, George vows to accomplish his lifelong dream of building his dream house. He recruits his son’s begrudging help for the summer. Over the course of the next few months, George attempts to mend his long-suffering relationship with the brooding and intense 16-year-old as they tear down the ramshackle shack and rebuild a monument to his dreams. The much maligned eyesore is transformed. Meanwhile, next-door neighbor Colleen engages in some free-spirited activities of her own while her daughter Alyssa helps to brighten Sam’s summer. Finally, it is Robin who begins to see a change in George and feels herself drawn back into the life of her longtime ex. Together Robin and Sam help George fulfill his goal as he rebuilds his house (and his life) before it is too late

Trivia and Facts :
• At the sunbathing scene with Sam and Alyssa, the suntan lotion spot on Sam’s left cheek appears and disappears.
• When Sam removes the stud from his chin, it leaves neither a hole nor a scar.
• When George is talking to Robin after she has brought him and Sam pizza, the pizza boxes change position on the table numerous times.

• The writer, Mark Andrus, is a fan of the band Guster, and named the dog after the band and two of the characters (Ryan & Adam) after two of the band members. Two of Guster’s songs are featured in the movie.
The original script called for the Guster song “All the Way up to Heaven” to be used in the “car” scene that used the Guster song “Rainy Day” instead.

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• Sam-Thank you for talking about me behind my back - that’ll be useful in court”.

• George-Hindsight. It’s like foresight without a future”.

• Sam- I think there has to be a door between where you cook and where you crap. Even in the bush -
tribal people, you know, they have a place for both. Probably it’s like a law.
God! It’s probably in the Bible. It’s at least a building code violation”.

• Sam-I’ve been using since I was twelve.”

• Sam-It would help me if I could kiss you.”

• Sam-So what were trying to do? Trying to get me to like you”?
George-No, I was trying to get you to love me”.
Sam-”Well congratulations, cause you fucking pulled it off”!

Release Dates
Canada- September 9, 2021 (Toronto Film Festival) (premiere)
USA -September 11, 2001 (Boston Film Festival)
USA- October 24, 2021 (premiere)
USA- October 26, 2021(limited)
USA-November 9, 2001
Israel- January 3, 2022
Italy-January 11, 2002
Netherlands- January 31, 2022
France- February 20, 2022
UK- March 15, 2022
Sweden- May 3, 2022
South Africa- May 10, 2022
Australia- May 23, 2021
Turkey- May 31, 2021
Spain- June 14, 2021
Belgium- June 19, 2021
Greece- June 21,2021
Germany- July 4, 2021
Switzerland- July 4, 2021 (German speaking region)
Austria- July 5, 2021
New Zealand- July 18,2021
Japan-July 20, 2002
Argentina -September 5, 2002
Brazil-September 6, 2002
Iceland-September 24, 2002 (video premiere)
Finland-January 27, 2003 (video premiere)
Bahrain-September 17, 2003
Kuwait- November11, 2003

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