The Lacoste Challenge

Role : Ambassador
Filming Dates : October 2008
Filming Locations : Los Angeles
Release Dates : UK: May 2009, USA: August 2009
Official : Official Website

“I am honored that Lacoste chose me as an ambassador for the brand and image of the fragrance for men, Challenge. I am active and I always try to anticipate the various situations that life presents to me, so I really associate myself with the spirit of the perfume, not ‘never resist the call of the game. Lacoste is, for me, a brand designed to anticipate the challenges of life with confidence, class and hardship - as did the founder Rene Lacoste. “Hayden Christensen.

Press Articles
Hayden Christensen’s New Challenge: Face of Lacoste Fragrance
Make a little room Josh Hartnett, James Franco and Justin Timberlake there’s a new celebrity fragrance model on the rise. Lacoste has just announced that Hayden Christensen will be the face of their new
scent, Challenge. And has a first look at the star’s sporty campaign. The altar-bound actor, who is engaged to Rachel Bilson, embodies the brand’s preppy spirit for the men’s fragrance which will
launch in August.

Lacoste Official ad and News
For the first time on the web, TETU disseminates official image chosen for the campaign of the beautiful Hayden Christensen ( “Star Wars”, “Jumper”) for the perfume brand crocodile.

The force is with new Lacoste fragrance. This fragrance for men, effectively called “Challenge”, was indeed chosen to face Hayden Christensen, the beautiful boy whom we had caught the eye in Star Wars. Brand and a crocodile, “she said, wanted to illustrate its modern, elegant and dynamic. Scent, this would lead to fresh notes of tangerine and lemon enhanced with bergamot opening, by a trio of ginger-lavender-purple heart-and a teak-wood ebony background.

Visually, most importantly, it gives a Hayden Christensen favorably highlighted by a small shirt and tight jeans. It seems as it was in the movie Jumper, suspended in space-time. But fans can rest assured, when the Canadian actor turned advertising along a facade of building in Los Angeles, he was restrained by a harness and cables.

Less romantic to imagine that the beautiful Hayden really has super powers, but more reassuring for his safety. And curiously, it does not detract from the furiously sexy side of the campaign. The image, which had already circulated on the Internet these days, was not selected for final visual displays: here, for the first time, the official image.

Hayden Christensen played for Lacoste Challenge
The three-time winner at Roland-Garros and the star of the trilogy “Star Wars” exchanged a few rounds to promote the new fragrance Lacoste. Mats Wilander won a match on Thursday.
Not at Roland Garros as in the best years that have enabled him to win the tournament in 1982, 1985 and 1988 but a few hundred meters away, on the courts of the Tennis Club de Paris. Wilander faced
one who played Anakin Skywalker in the trilogy “Star Wars” by George Lucas, Hayden Christiensen. The two stars are in two tie-breaks to promote the new fragrance Lacoste Challenge. And logically, the
Swede who won.

Oh Boy
Lacoste has signed up Canadian actor Hayden Christensen to front a print and television advertising campaign for its latest male fragrance, Lacoste Challenge. Christensen, who is most famous for starring in the blockbuster Star Wars series, “perfectly captures the modern spirit of the brand,” said Global Marketing Director Andreas Gerber, “He’s young…dynamic, with a charismatic twinkle in his eye that brings to life the ethos of the new fragrance.” The new scent will be available from July 1.

Hayden Hearts Lacoste
Psst we’ve just got wind that Hayden Christensen is the new face of Lacoste Challenge. Following in the footsteps of fellow hunks, Matthew McConaughey, Josh Hartnett and James Franco, Hayden looks fresh faced and well… just gorgeous.

Hayden said: “I’m excited that LACOSTE invited me to be an ambassador for the brand as the face of its new men’s fragrance, Challenge. I’m an active guy and I always try to face what life throws at me head on, so I really identify with the ethos of the fragrance, to ‘never resist the call of the game’. To me, LACOSTE is a brand that inspires men to embrace life’s challenges with a stylish flair and masculine elegance – just as its founder René Lacoste did.

“Challenge”, Lacoste perfume played by actor Hayden Christensen
The new fragrance for men by Lacoste, “Challenge,” available in May, includes fresh top notes and woody base of a solid. Actor Hayden Christensen, who played Anakin Skywalker in the last trilogy “Star Wars” became the muse of the brand with the crocodile to the advertising campaign of this perfume.

The fragrance opens on fresh, energetic tangerine and lemon, bergamot enhanced. The central agreement has an aromatic ginger and hints of juniper berries and leaves of violets. The notes of funds based on a forested with teak and ebony wood.

The case is two-tone, like the bottle, brilliant yellow, contrasting with the matte black.

The American actor Hayden Christensen, the new muse of the mark in the crocodile, said: “Lacoste is a casual sophistication, that of the active man who faces the challenges of life with a distinguished style and natural elegance.

In the campaign which he is the icon, the actor is filmed and photographed in the process of jumping to catch the perfume bottle in midair. The slogan “Do not resist the call of the game” with these images.

Challenge (for men)
Hot novelties from the house of Lacoste are a real blend of challenge and energy in upcoming days of 2009. A very interesting choice by Lacoste is Hayden Christensen who is presented as the advertising face and new strength of the Lacoste brand. Popular, charming and handsome actor is known for his role of Anakin Skywalker from cult Star Wars.

New fragrance Challenge opens with notes of pure energy created of tangerine and lemon with a hint of bergamot. A heart of this fragrant challenge hides ginger combined with aromatic lavender and violet leaves, creating a perfect, pleasant and sensual harmony. Base notes leave a trail of ebony and teak wood, which are in charge of the modern, powerful trend on the border between tradition and trend.

Perfume Challenge by Lacoste arrives on the market in May and it will be available in flacons made of transparent glass with a black stopper decorated with a white crocodile, symbol of the house.

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