Higher Ground

Character : Scott Barringer
Release Date : January 14, 2022
Created by : Michael Braverman and Matthew Hastings
Written by : Michael De Luca
Produced by : Sandy King
Genre : Drama / Family
Airdate : January -June 2000
Season : 1

Cast :
Joe Lando…Peter Scarbrow
Anne Marie Loder…Sophie Becker
…A.J. Cook…Shelby Merrick
Kandyse McClure…Katherine Ann ‘Kat’ Cabot
Jorge Vargas…Augusto ‘Auggie’ Ciceros (as Jorgito Vargas Jr.)
Meghan Ory…Juliette Waybourne
Kyle Downes…Ezra Friedken
Jewel Staite…Daisy Lipenowski

Synopsis :

A group of troubled teens are sent to a boot camp.

Trivia and Facts :
• The original title for the series was Cliffhangers and the series was filmed entirely on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

• Despite the below showing ABC Family aired Higher Ground, it did not, it was known as Fox Family Channel when the series originally aired.

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Scott Barringer-”You’re like a stalker or something. “
Shelby Merrick-”I only stalk the very best.”

Scott Barringer-”For the first time in so long, I feel like I can breathe”.
Peter Scarbrow-”Scott, tell me, what’s the difference between nature and human nature?”

Scott Barringer-”I don’t know, bugs?”

Scott Barringer-”She’s not a skank. She’s a woman, and she’s my friend…Three things I can no longer say about you/”
Scott Barringer-”We’re not even losers until we cross the finish line.We sit here and we’re nothing.
We move, then we’re a team. At least we’re that.”
Scott Barringer-”I wonder why he didn’t leave a note?”

Ezra Friedkin-”Yeah, really I’d leave a note”.
Scott Barringer-”You’d leave a book.”
Shelby Merrick-”Hey…you missed out on a really good time.”

Scott Barringer-”Is that why Ezra looks so happy? He took my place?”

Shelby Merrick-”You don’t know anything.”

[After telling Shelby about his step mom.] “

Scott Barringer-”You’re not gonna tell, are you?”

Shelby Merrick- “No, I won’t tell.”

Scott Barringer-”Thanks.”

Shelby Merrick-”Yeah, well, we’ll see what you say when you get my bill.”

Scott Barringer-” I always thought that if anyone ever found out about my step mom, about what happened,
I thought if I ever told anyone, I’d never be able to look at them again.”

Shelby Merrick-” You can look at me, can’t you?”

Scott Barringer-”You’re beautiful. “

Shelby Merrick-”There’re only two words I ever want to hear from you, “I’m sorry.”

Scott Barringer-”I don’t know why you’re…”

Shelby Merrick-”Wrong words. ”

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