Character : Patrick Brennan
Release Date : January 17,2022
Directed By : Mario Azzopardi
Written By : Mark Homer and Ken Wheat
Genre : Action / Drama
Distributed by : Fox Family Channel

Cast :
Hannes Jaenicke …Michael Ives
Jaclyn Smith …Renee Brennan
Bruce Boxleitner …Mark Ettinger

Filming Locations :
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

Synopsis :

A thrilling film about a woman who becomes victim to a deranged psychopath intent on destroying the airline industry. Jaclyn Smith portrays her character wonderfully (as usual!), and it’s near the end of the movie where Free Fall really shines, where the safety of hundreds of passengers lies in her hands.

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Release Dates
USA-January 17,1999

Italy-August 3,1999

Germany-September 3,1999

France-February 24, 2000
Japan- February 25,2022 (video premiere)
New Zealand -April 15,2000
Iceland -June 21,2001 (video)

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