Forever Knight

Character : Andre
Release Date : February, 14 1996
Directed By : Geraint Wyn Davies
Written By : James D. Parriott
Genre : Drama / Horror / Crime
Episode Title : Fallen Idol
Season : 3
Episode : 15

Cast :
Geraint Wyn Davies….Det. Nicholas ‘Nick’ Knight/Nicholas de Brabant
Catherine Disher….Dr. Natalie Lambert

Synopsis :

A mentally handicapped teenager witnesses the murder of a popular wrestler and his account implicates his uncle, another wrestler, as the murderer. With his uncle in custody, Nick and Natalie volunteer for joint custody of the Joey to try and help him out. While Nick tries to determine what really happened and who really committed the murder, Natalie in her desire to help the boy makes a decision with far-reaching consequences. Her actions may end up causing devastation and emotional trauma instead of helping.

Trivia and Facts :
• Vladimir Boishenko is the Rat’s name in the Silverstone story.

• JB’s storyline seems to be a variant retelling of the movie Can’t Buy Me Love
(with Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson) in which a boy pays a cheerleader to pretend to date him in order to become more popular.

• Cubby (Jeff Douglas) does NOT appear in this episode.

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