Eco Challenge Fiji Islands

Created by : Mark Burnett
Produced by : Mark Burnett
Genre : Adventure / Game-Show / Reality-TV
Season : 9
Team : Team Kodak and Sport,Canada

Cast :
Tove Christensen….Brother
Hejsa Christensen….Sister…Captain
David Duchovny …Narrator

Synopsis :

This is based on a true story about Stephen Glass,a staff writer for the respected current events and policy magazine “The New Republic” and a freelance feature for “Rolling Stone Magazine”, “Harper’s Bazzar” and “George”.Looking for a short cut to fame,Glass concocted sources,quotes and even entire stories, but his deception did not go unnoticed forever, and eventually, his world came crumbling down.

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• Hayden-This is the song that doesn’t end, it just goes on and on my friends. (humming softly to himself)

81 Teams, 23 Countries Represented, 324 Competitors. Representing Canada

1 - Team Kodak quickly fall into last place as a tired Hayden Christensen reflects that just a week earlier, he was making a movie.

2 -Already a full day and a half behind the leaders, Team Kodak has fallen into last place, but try to remain in good spirits. Still ahead of them are the previous year’s last place finishers.

3 -Meanwhile, Hayden Christensen and the rest of Team Kodak struggle on in their battle of attrition.

4 -Many miles behind the leaders, Team Kodak has done well to make it to the halfway point of the course. But after having pushed hard to make it to the last two checkpoints before time cutoffs, the odds of them successfully making it to the next checkpoint in time are slim to none. Spent, disappointed, but not ashamed, Team Kodak finally decides to withdraw from the race, proud of their accomplishments and appreciative of the experience.

While winning is certainly no longer an option for teams like Team Mad River, Team Kodak, and Team GO, pride and the will to finish drives them on.

Struggle in the Jungle - On Team Mad River, the men have finally gotten Jenna to climb down the waterfall, but injuries are beginning to take their toll on the team as Jenna’s ankle continues to hurt and Tim’s knees begin to ache from climbing over so many rocks. Meanwhile, Team Kodak finds a native guide to help them get through the jungle, but Hayden and his teammates are beyond exhausted and can do little more than try to block it all out as they push on.Team GO has been wandering in circles in the jungle for hours, allowing last place Team Kodak to catch up with them. Trying to take advantage of Team Kodak’s guide, and clinging to hopes of not finishing last for the second straight year, GO struggles to keep up with Team Kodak’s pace. But even with a native guide, progress is slow - and now that they are following a guide, neither team bothers to consult their map. It’s not long before both teams have no idea where they are, and if they don’t make the next checkpoint before the cutoff time, both will be eliminated from the race.

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