Casting Story

Factory Girl Casting Story
Holly (Wiersma - producer) was sitting in a diner in LA with her husband around July 2005 and had a list of names of which actor she was going to cast as Billy Quinn in the movie Factory Girl. Jake Gyllenhaal, James Franco, etc.

Hayden walked into the diner by himself and came up to her and said ‘Hey, Holly, how are you?’ They talked for a little while. Then Hayden went to order breakfast for himself.

Holly walked over to Hayden and asked him if he knew how to play the guitar. Hayden said he had just started taking lessons. She went on to tell him about Factory Girl and the part she was interested in having him play. After the movie wrapped, Holly, Sienna (Miller) and Hayden were looking at dailies and he told Holly he lied about knowing how to play the guitar.

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