Hayden’s Recipe

Darth by Chocolate

• Six apples

• Chocolate sprinkles

• 400g of Caster sugar

• Three heaped tbs Demera sugar

• 100ml water

• Two tsp of vinegar

• 100g of unsalted butter

Step One: Make sure you have six apples out of the fridge so the toffee sets quicker.Make sure they are washed.

Put a stick into the apples using lolly sticks & or chop sticks.

Step Two: To make the toffee put the following ingredients into a saucepan: three heaped tablesthingys of demerara sugar, 100ml Water, 400g of Caster sugar, add 100g unsalted butter;chopped to help melt quickly and finally add two tsp of vinegar.

Step Three: Keep stirring until everything is mixed together. Let the mixture boil for 30 minutes and leave to crystalise into a caramel. Then dip the apples into the toffee. Be careful to dip one layer of your apples in the toffee and wait a few seconds then dip again to create thick layers.

Step Four: Roll half of the apple in a saucer of chocolate sprinkles; Leave in the fridge to cool and then eat!