Family Info

• Hayden is very close to his family

• He has admitted that he is in fact a Mama’s boy.

• Tove still can not believe that he is Darth Vader. Hayden; ” I ruined it for him, he’s like you’re not Darth Vader. I just kicked your ass last week”.

• While searching a talent agent for Hesja, Hayden went along because there was no one there to babysit for him, so they asked if he wanted to do commercials and got the part in a Pringles commercial at the age of eight.

• In the year 2003 he was offered to do the very intense Eco-Challenge with his Brother Tove and Sister Hesja Christensen.

• Hayden is also very close to his grandmother. He brought her to the New York Screening of Shattered in Glass on October 28th, 2003 & to the Dressing for a Galaxy in 2005.

• Hayden & Tove both have participated in the 2005 & 2006 Bullrun Rally.

Family Photos

Mother -Alie Nelson Christensen  Father -David Christensen

Sisters -Kaylen Christensen (20′s ) & Hejsa Christensen (30′s)

Brother -Tove Christensen (30′s)

Grandmother -Rose

Uncle Will-Alie’s Brother

At The Dressing for the Galaxy-2005

New York-2006

New York-2007