All the need to know Basics
Name: Hayden Christensen

Nickname: H and Den

Birthday: 04-19-81

Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Star Sign: Aries

Age: 29

Eye Color: Blue & Green

Hair: Dirty dishwater Blonde

Parents: David and Alie Christensen

Sisters: Kaylen Christensen and Hejsa Christensen

Brother: Tove Christensen

Pets: 2 pigs named Buddy and Petunia, Rabbit. 2 parakeets (named Alex & Jay). Used to have a dog named Dakota, but it died 2 years ago. The family had it cremated.

Education: Unionville High School in Unionville,Ontario until he graduated in 1999, and Unionville has a arts program called “Arts York” that accepts students by audition only. Attended The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York during the Summers of his High School years.

Biggest Fears: Bees and losing a family member

Claim to Fame: As Anakin Skywalker (2002)

Favorite City: Lake Como, Italy.

Favorite Sports: Hockey, Football and Tennis

Favorite Music: Everything except Country and Techno

Favorite Musicians: Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Neil Young and Dhani Harrison, Our Lady Peace, Outkast, Ben Harper and Eminem..tons more…

Favorite Car: BMW

Favorite Football Team: Man United

Favorite Hockey Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Favorite Television Show: The Simpsons

Favorite Actors: Joe Lando & Kevin Kline

Favorite Book: Three Tales From The Life of Knulp by Hermann Hesse and Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Favorite Star Wars Character: Boba Fett, Darth Vader and Yoda

Favorite Star Wars Movie: A New Hope

Favorite Movies: The Princess Bride, Living in Oblivion and Without Limits

Favorite Colors: Blue and Red

More Facts
• DH.Net bought Hayden a star from the International Star Registry and he loved it so much, that he even carries the star card everywhere with him. (Heard this from his own mouth!)

• Hayden’s parents, David and Allie eloped.

• 2 years ago Hayden’s favorite dog died her name was Dakota and the family did have the dog cremated.

• He has thanked me for the support towards him and DH.Net.

• Hayden doesn’t watch tv often.

• His close friends call him H!

• Hayden was a “ball boy” at the Canadian Open tennis matches. Hayden jumped out too soon during a match, which John McEnroe was playing, causing an interruption in play. It made the 6 O’ clock news, and that was his first appearance on tv!

• He never really had a nickname, but some friends call him “Den”.

• Birthday Tradition: His friends wake & kidnap him, take him out into the woods, where they ride dirtbikes all day.

• Listens to Eminem alot, more than he should he says.

• While stunt training, he couldn’t rehearse without rap.

• Wants to work with Scarlett Johansson, Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie.

• Directors he would love to work with someday are Francis Ford Coppola & Robert Rodriguez.

• Musical Dislikes: Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Techno and Country music.

• He hates Hollywood type Moviestars who are only in it for the money.

• Want’s to leave self-doubt behind.

• His contractual agreement to Higher Ground nearly kept him from schedule wise from meeting with the Start Wars casting director and audition with Lucas.

• Random Talent: Juggling.

• Hayden considers Ewan Mcgregor to be one of his best friends.

• Leisure activity: Reading.

• Hayden’s parents run a communications business, called Christensen Communications.

• When he was a kid he loved He-Man & She-Rah.

• He works out on the trampoline, loves hockey, football, tennis and rollerblading.

• Likes to spend Summers with Grandma Rose in Long Island.

• He’s very close to his family.

• Hayden calls his mom 3 to 4 times a week,when he’s not at home.

• Owns a production company with his brother Tove, called Forest Park Pictures.

• The company, Forest Park Pictures co-produced “Shattered Glass”.

• First crush was Kelly Rutherford. He was 13 and was the actress he acted opposite of in No Greater Love.

• First girlfriend lived in Montreal when he was 16. The relationship fizzled when he moved away from home.

• He quit smoking due to bronchitis, since has started up again.

• He lost 25lbs for Life as a House eating a diet of salad, water and vitamins.

• When filming a dramatic scene for Life As A House, he punched a wall so hard that he fractured his hand, and made it bleed. He did cry!

• His perfect girl would be around his age, good attitude, spunky & must understand the business.

• Age 7 was his first commercial for cough syrup.

• He’s always loved physical humor like falling down stairs.

• Embarrassing movie moment: Doing stunts on the Star Wars set he split his pants.

• Hayden is allergic to bees and is terrified of them.

• Says that Kevin Kline is one of his Role Models.

• His sister Hejsa was a junior world trampoline champion.

• On May 12, 2000, Hayden was officially announced to be Anakin Skywalker in the next two prequels by the official Star Wars website.

• Hayden learned the walk of Darth Vader for Attack of the Clones.

• He has a toy frog collection.

• Has the frog from the 2005 Birthday project on his dresser at his home.

• Hayden can’t read music but plays jazz and blues on the piano.

• Hayden is part Swedish, Italian, Danish, and English.

• His first talk show appearance was The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

• Hayden and Jewel Staite dated for a short time but Hayden was a bit too reclusive for Jewel.

• Hayden’s first big break: Playing Scott Barringer in the short lived teen drama Higher Ground.

• He used to lie about his after school acting so he wouldn’t stand out.

• He’s a self proclaimed underwear and sock freak.

• He has two pet parakeets, Alex & Jay.

• He just loves the sensation of a fresh pair of socks and underwear.

• When Hayden was 16, he wrote out a script as an adaptation of one of his favorite books. He said he wanted to write, direct and star in it.

• Early on, though, in the first couple of weeks, he had a big trouble with his tongue. When he’d concentrate, he’d stick his tongue out.”

• He did not like having to wear eyeshadow and make-up for his character in Life As A House.

• Ever since I was a kid, I couldn’t keep my tongue in my mouth,” admitted Christensen.

• “It’s true, when I played hockey I had to wear a mouthpiece because I would stick my tongue out, but that’s more than you want to know.”

• Dream job: He would’ve been an architect if it weren’t for acting.

• He does research for his roles.

• Then there were the rumors swirling that Natalie Portman and Hayden were more than just acting in love, something he denies. Natalie and I got to be great friends. She’s personable, you know, and a lot brighter than any girl I’ve ever known, but when it came to working together, we were both strictly professional.

• Like, we had a love scene in which we kiss and hug and stuff, and it was done by the numbers. One, put your arms there, two put your lips there, three close your eyes and so forth. A kiss is just a kiss, except when you’re making a movie with a friend.

• Then it’s like reading a manual and changing the oil filter of your car at the same time, not much to feel, you know? I can’t even say Nat and I were embarrassed by the scene. It was that mechanical. I guess to play romantic on the screen, you have to be totally unromantic. “How would we have done it if Nat and I were really in love? Badly, I guess.”

• His turn off “people who constantly feel the need to be engaged in conversation”.

• He signed the Harley Davidson motorcycle that Jay Leno auctioned off on E-Bay while he was on the show.

• Awards: Movieline’s “The One to Watch” and “Breakthrough Performer of the Year.”

• He received a Golden Globe nomination in 2001 for Best Supporting Actor as Sam Monroe in Life As A House.

• Hayden received critical acclaim for his role in Life as a House.

• Honored for Male Star of Tomorrow at the ShoWest Awards in 2005.

• Hayden talked to goth/drug addicted teenagers in the Toronto area to help him do research for his character Sam in Life As A House.

• Attack of the Clones brought him International attention.

• Hayden hopes to go to college someday.

• His mom still makes him take out his garbage and do his chores.

• Is a private person & doesn’t like to talk about his love life.

• Hayden celebrated his 21st birthday in London while he was in This Is Our Youth.

• He took classes at ‘Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute’ in NY.

• He was chosen for the role of Anakin Skywalker out of 442 candidates.

• He took a pillow, a rock, and an angel statuette to the Attack of the Clones set.

• He studied fencing in order to get the hang of fighting with a lightsaber.

• He writes right-handed and plays hockey left-handed.

• Often checks into hotels using the name of a former U.S. president. One that’s also a type of car.

• He claims not to be a big internet fan.

• He finds water totally sensual.

• He ate everything he could and worked out 5 hours a day to bulk up as Darth Vader in Episode 3.

• Hayden’s Hawaiian name is Haikeni.

• Hayden & his Family, do know about Desiring Hayden.Net, and support it!

• He says he reads alot of magazines. Colors, Details, there’s a slew of them he has at home, Star Wars Insider.

• One of the first things he splurged on was a nice tv with surround sound so he can watch movies and a car for Mom.

• He turns to his mother, brother and close friends for advice about film scripts.

• Hayden has appeared on several big name companies such as Burger King, Nokia, Kudos & food products such cereals, crackers, waffles and much more.

• Hayden has said that he had the chance to work with Al Pacino, but not on stage or on film. He was first offered the role that went to Matthew Mcconaughey in “Two for the money”. So they actually rehearsed together for awhile, I think, but had to quit the project because he had to do re-shoots for Revenge of the Sith.

• Celebrated his 25th birthday at the Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas on April 21, 2006.

• Won for Best Villian at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards.

• Plugged Desiring Hayden.Net by holding up a sign.

• Uses his Blackberry alot!

• Was listening to Neil Young & Bob Dylan alot back in Summer of 2006.

• He told me he wasn’t sure when Awake, Virgin Territory & or Factory Girl were going to be released.

• Thinks the webmaster of this site is a very sweet & adorable girl! (lol)

• Bought a farm in Ontario where his parents, brother Tove and his sisters Hejsa and Kaylen can spend time together.

• Bob Dylan has been one of his top five music artists prior to Factory Girl. Others include Nick Drake, Neil Young and Dhani Harrison. (George Harrison’s son).

• During the bathtub scene in Awake, Hayden was under almost for 2 minutes and had to do the take between 4-5 times. Throughout the day of shooting, they

had to stop production because he felt faint.

• Feels insecure about his Adam’s apple.