If you have poems that you would like to share, email it to me and I will display it with full credit. Please make sure it is your own work!

Submitted by: Kayla
The Only One I Love Tormenting my very soul
I hear your voice clear and smooth.
Your eyes, so deep and intense,
I see your face, its every groove.

I feel your heart beating near,
And yet you are far away.
The life I live without you
is a life so dark and gray.

I find the days are passing.
With each you are more a dream.
The things you said run through my head;
Never just words do they seem.

You’re my guardian angel,
My gift from heaven above.
Tormenting my very soul,
You’re the only one I love.

Submitted by: Jessie Domet
You Must Be An Angel
You must be an angel
Sent from the heavenly skies
For I see such beautiful heaven
When I look into your eyes
You must be an angel
Sent to watch over me
For I taste sweet, sweet heaven
When I kiss your lips tenderly
You must be an angel
Sent to keep me from harm
For I feel warm tender heaven
When I embrace you in my arms
You must be an angel
Sent from Heaven above
For I am taken to Heaven
When I have you to love
You must be an angel…

Submitted by: Allison
Tears for love
Why am I so alone at night?
When I am the most awake
Wanting to know a reason why
I can’t sleep without seeing your face
Why do I cry these tears when I hear your name?
Is it because you make me complete?
And I know I can never have you
You’re just beyond my reach…

Submitted by: Guinnevere
BLISS For Hayden
Oh what Bliss to be the fortunate receiver of such a kiss
His hands gently but firmly placed on either side of my face
My heart pounding as the fateful moment draws near
Oh what a man, His handsome face shows desire and deep passion
Transformed into a physical _expression
I steady myself and give way to his intentions
Our eyes lock in faithful communion
My body does quiver in restless anticipation
His breath comes faster, as does mine
No words need be spoken
To speak would break the spell
And nothing do we wish to spoil this perfect moment in time
His strong body pressed against my willing form
The distance between us no longer discerned
Bending down he does meet my gaze as I rise to meet him
His eyes like a window, a glimpse into Heaven
Clear, ageless, and unmatched in beauty
I surrender to him all at once
Serenity swirls and envelops us
There are only we two in the Universe now
Eyes closed as gently our lips do join
The warmth of his flesh pressed against mine
Our souls they do mingle as all Eternity passes between us
We are one, locked in a forever embrace
No sound but our beating hearts can we hear
Oblivious to all that surrounds us
The Magic of Love swells as the Kiss all too soon ends
A simple Kiss, our Fates now forever entwined
Timeless and unending……..

The Kiss – For Hayden
You are the Sun in my day
And the Moon in my night
You are the air that I breathe
And my heavenly starlight
I wrap myself in your sweet smile,
Your laughing eyes, your melodic voice

To Love or Not to Love
There is but one choice
When I look upon you,
My soul enters rapture.
No need to pursue me
My heart you did capture

You are a Dream unattainable
A Fancy savored in Bliss
Content in my lot
But still Desiring The Kiss……..

Submitted by: Ashley
For Anakin and Padme
What Happened?
I love you
I am scared because of you
You took me
You shook me
You loved me
I loved you
We were right
Until the fight
I love you
Come back
There still is good in you
I know there is
I’ve known you
I’ve talked to you
You told me
How you felt
I told you
I love you
That night
Wasn’t bright
I forgave you
We were there
So Young
But now
I’m here
With You

Submitted by: Anthony
I will Never No the one Who is in My Heart In My soul
I love
I need
I want
You Are the Only one that I love
The only one i think of
I cannot get you out of this head
Your in my Heart
Your in my soul
You turn my heart into Gold
It hurts my heart
that i will never no the one who I love
Who is in my soul
Who turns my heart in to gold
Who crumbles My heart that
I will never no
the one I love
in my heart
in my soul
that I will never know

Submitted by: Becca Sky
H - Happy, and up-lifting. The Hayden we all know and love.
A - Actor. Awesome actor who is always making us proud.
Y - You can’t keep your eyes off his gorgeous face.
D - Desirable. We all desire our Denpire Master.
E - Enlarges my heart with love and entices me with his eyes.
N - Never prideful, sorrowful. Always humble and cheerful.
This is the Hayden we’ve all come to know and love.
I Melt When I See…
His eyes
I look deep into his eyes
I see a clear, blue lake
Green, luscious fields
I melt when I see his eyes.
His smile
I look at his smile
I’m blinded by the light
So beautiful, white, straight teeth
I melt when I see his smile
His hair
I look at his hair
Sometimes brown, sometimes golden
So smooth, yet so rugged
I melt when I see his hair
I look at Hayden
Being himself, funny, happy.
So bright, truthful.
I melt when I see Hayden.

Submitted by: Desi
Meeting Him, Dancing with Him in Heaven.
When I saw him
I thought I was going to faint.
He was so beautiful.
He had a nice suit on, it was black.
His hair was
His eyes, when I looked into his eyes
I saw the ocean.
I saw beauty.
Then he talked to me.
His voice was like
God’s voice.
His voice had kindness in it.
We were outside and he asked me to dance,
I said Yes.
While we were dancing it started to rain.
The rain was like mist.
Then he started saying my name while we were dancing.
The floor wasn’t there anymore, only air.
I was dancing on
Some people took pictures, but I didn’t care.
He was there dancing with me.
I was in heaven for that short song.
I was dancing with him.
His voice sweet like honey saying my name.
We were dancing in heaven on air.

Submitted by: AmyDen

The sky is clear; The moon is bright.

Here I stand on a warm summer night.

The trees are swaying; The stars are twinkling.

All I can think of are the words he kept saying.
I know he loves me very much; I can feel it in his tender touch.
He pulled me close and held me tight;
He touched my lips with a kiss so light.
I know I’ll never forget the night; When the sky was clear and the moon was bright.

Submitted by: Kimberly
When I look at you I see a new kind of love and desire, a new burning passion and a new burning fire.
It hurts to look at you and see, that only in my dreams that you belong to me.
Wanting to touch you so much, to feel the sensation of your gentle touch.
Wanting to taste the sweetness of your kiss, not knowing that love could feel as heavenly as this.
Having so much love is hard to hold, and the beginning of us as the story unfolds.
I am yours and you are mine, our love is one of a kind.
So here is to you my lover my soul mate and my friend, so love me as I loved you to the very end.

Submitted by: Brooke
You are my world, you are my drug, and you are my everything, you are my comfort, you are me:
You are my world,
Everything I do,
I do for you.
You are my drug, taken control of my mind
How a day does not go by where my thoughts don’t lead to you.
I am breaking in two when I’m not with you.
You are my everything,
Your face is carved in my heart.
I will never forget,
That face that was created by an angels,
Those gorgeous luscious lips,
The body, so manly, hold me tight,
How I wish, only in my dreams,
That we could ever be,
But reality closes the book on my fairytale,
My happily never after.
When I think of how you don’t know me
I cannot breathe, I am drowning.
People laugh; they think it’s a little crush,
But you have grown on me like a vine,
Capturing me, and suffocating me with this addiction.
Not a single could compare
To the love that we would have shared.
You will always be in my heart,
Taunting me, never setting me free,
But I like it this way,
You are my comfort.
You are me.