Stephanie’s Encounter

Stephanie outside of Live with Regis and Kelly August 19, 2021

“Thank God my friend, Allison, reminded me that Regis and Kelly tape their Friday show on Thursdays. So R&K on Fridays does this Cook-Off BBQ in the summer. The BBQs and tables were blocking the garage entrance where the guests enter.
This made things so confusing.

First they tape Thursday’s show though. I saw Jennifer Aniston wave through a tinted window. Her car drove into a garage a bit further down. She also left through that garage.

Then Kyle MacLachlan came. He just walked out the car and through the open garage being used for the BBQ.

Melissa Joan Hart also stepped out of her car, was swarmed by autograph hunters and paparazzi.
And then she walk to the open garage.

So now me and Allison are so confused. With the BBQ out and different entrances being used, it was so unpredictable. I was so nervous. We look to the paparazzi and autograph hunters for clues. They always know 5 minutes before where to be. They were at the corner, near the main entrance.

A nice young man told us that Jordan Sparks and Hayden entered through the main entrance.

So after Hayden’s interview we go to the front. I had butterflies in my stomach and I was too nervous to eat that morning. Of course when Hayden steps out, things get crazy and so I step away from the crowd and waited by the car. I am so short Hayden doesn’t see me as he gets in the car. So I am still standing there (feeling like a dork) with my poster and a paparazzo says, “Go around the other side. That’s where he is sitting.”

“What if I get run over?” (But then I think I stood in the middle of Park Ave to see Rob Pattinson & Ruby Jerins shoot “Remember Me”, so what the heck?)

I hold my poster up and nothing happens. So then I really feel like a dork, LOL. But then the window rolls down!

I think Hayden was thinking I wanted him to sign something (I did have my LAAH DVD in my bag) but I asked for a photo. He said sure.

So I hold out my camera with my small arm. He then placed his hand on my camera/hand and asked, “Do you want me to take it?”

But at that point the camera’s strap was so tightly wrapped around my wrist it would have been hard to get off, and my finger was already on the shutter.

I thanked him and wanted to say more, (like how I am excited to see him in Takers. How the Vanishing on 7th Street trailer looks so good and scary. That I am exited for Jumper 2 - that Kristen and Diane should come back. And that my two friends in Finland are also big fans of his), but then the car stared to pull away, even as my friend was asking if she could have a picture too. She’ll get one the next time. I am putting that positive thought out into the universe.

Hayden is such a sweetheart to roll down the window and I so appreciate that.”.