Here is just a little information about the woman who runs Desiring Hayden.Net.

Hayden and I at the Jumper After Party Hayden and I in NYC Hayden and I at the Social in LA

Name: Jen

Age: In my 20′s

Location: United States

Schooling: Full-time student majoring in Web design/Multimedia for a Bachelors Degree.

Current Sites: Desiring Hayden.Net and DHN Media.Net

When did you first notice Hayden ? : During Higher Ground.

Currently, Desiring Hayden [dot] Net is run by me, and only me. I’m a full-time student, and in my free time I love to work out, mess around in ps/psp, create graphics/videos and of course work on the my site. I appreciate any help you can give me towards the site, pictures, interviews, fan encounters.If you want to reach me, you can email me or fill out the form. My many thanks goes to the fans / visitors and of course Mr.Hayden Christensen.

Encounters - I get asked many times if I met Hayden and the answer is, yes I have! I was asked to create an official website, for Hayden and Tove’s 2006 Bullrun Teams. I’ve also met him at the Awake and Jumper premiere/after parties. He is the nicest, sweetest, and most down to earth guy you could ever meet. He is very appreciative of the website and support from his fans!