Sep 13,2010

Ultra Club Event Articles

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Hayden and Tove Christensen light up TIFF with new flick, Vanishing on 7th Street.
Moet and Belvedere vodka were flowing and the music was pumping as party goers mingled and sipped on bevies in celebration of Hayden’s new thriller flick, Vanishing on 7th Street. Hayden and his brother Tove also served as producers on the film with their production company Forest Park Pictures — clearly talent runs in the fam. Clad in grey denim, combat boots, a blue and black plaid flannel shirt and a plaid scarf, we rubbed shoulders with Hayden in the VIP section as he casually chatted with friends and chilled with Tove.

When Hayden, who partied until 4 am, requested Toronto’s hip-hop king K-OS (where has he been hiding, anyway?!) to take a spin as DJ.
By Jennifer Weatherhead at Elle Canada

Hayden Christensen at his Official TIFF Party
Hayden Chrsitensen Christensen describes the movie as a combination between a traditional thriller and a thinking man’s film that explores some big ideas. He also says that, as a Torontontian, he’s proud to see the direction TIFF has gone in as one of the premier festivals in the world.

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    HAYDEN always looks so comfortable when he’s around his brother Tove, doesn’t he? There’s another picture of HAYDEN, Tove and Thandie at that’s very good also! ALL their family is good lookin…wonder what happened to all of us? Ha ha!

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    Jessica - they look relaxed and happy, don’t they? Tove is a cutie pie, same as HAYDEN!