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US Stars Who Are Actually Canadian

Betcha didn’t know these guys came from north of the border, eh?

So this week American Sandra Bullock plays a Canadian who wishes she was American in The Proposal, opposite Canadian Ryan Reynolds, playing an American who lives in a part of the US that’s practically Canada anyway (Alaska). All this national confusion inspired us to take a look at some ersatz-Americans who are in fact Canadians. Read on for moose-lovers and Mounties galore…

Hayden Christensen
Born: Vancouver, British Columbia
In his Canadian youth, the young Christensen was a ball boy at the Canadian Open, and at one point angered the usually mild-mannered McEnroe by stepping out for a ball too early. It’s said that it was in reaction to the ensuing tantrum that he went on to turn to the Dark Side and become Darth Vader, but of course we can’t confirm or deny that that was the cause.

Fun Canada Fact! IMAX was invented by four Canadians, Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Nicholas Mulders, and William C. Shaw.

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