Amelie’s Encounter

Amelie and her mother at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas on July 27, 2021

More of her encounter pictures can be seen Here.

I got to Caesar’s at about 7:30 just in case there was a crowd and I had to get a good spot. Lucky for me there was no one there. Things didn’t start getting busy until about 8:30. Once things got busy it was really crowded. Hayden had his car brought to him by the valet service and that’s when I caught him. I walked up to the front of the casino because that’s where everyone was waiting for their cars. I passed him once and didn’t even recognize him. I turned back around to head down to the other end of the valet and I saw him. We locked eyes and my jaw dropped and my eyes were huge and he just smiled and then I asked him for his autograph (which I will scan and send to you as soon as I hook it up). He was kind and gracious and said of course. I was just so in awe of him that I forgot to give him your message. Sorry. : / After they left the casino they headed out to the Las Vegas motor speedway for some breakfast and I’m sure that they ended up using on of the tracks, whether it be the drag strip of the NASCAR track to get in a couple of high speed laps. I went to the speedway and got a second autograph and some more pictures of him. My mom went and got the second autograph because I was too shy to ask him for his autograph a second time. : ) She asked him how things were going and he said that things were going really well. She also asked if he was competitively in the race or just there for fun and he said he was just there for fun.