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There’s an interview over at Buzzine with Paul Walker, one of Hayden’s co-stars in the upcoming film Takers, and he actually mentions a bit about him and the film.

EI: We need talk about your role in Takers. Who do you play?

PW: I play John, who is the right-hand man in the crew. He’s the guy who wants to commit crimes. If you’re going to be shady, you want him involved because he’s going to do things the way you want them to be handled, which is the right way, and if things go wrong, he’s a man of action and he makes things right. He will bail you out of a situation and, worst case scenario, if you’re caught, he’ll take bamboo slithers up the fingernails; he’ll take a gun to the forehead and won’t crack. That’s the guy he is. He’s a marksman. His skill set is crazy. He’s a great driver. A great wheelman.

EI: Does Hayden Christensen play your younger brother?

PW: Is that what they are saying?

EI: That’s what’s implied.

PW: No, it’s never said, but it could be interpreted that way, no problem. That works — I like him enough. [Laughs] But yeah, fun character. I got to do some fun stuff. The crew is a likeable crew; it’s a mix of personalities. Guys come from different sides of the tracks. It’s a code, and they just all want to understand one another. They all get high on the same thing, which is doing illegal stuff — walking that line, pushing the limits and seeing what they can get away with.


People: 30 minutes to seduce Hayden Christensen

Thanks again to Laura!

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New York, I Love You Twitter and Still

Be sure to follow Emmanuel Benbihy’s (producer of Paris, je t’aime’ & New York, I Love You) Twitter page. He posts updates about reviews, trailers and the film itself.


I’ve added a better quality still from the film.

MOVIES > New York, I Love You > Production Stills

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Lacoste Challenge

I’ve added more scans of the ads from the September issue of GQ magazine. There’s a centerfold and also a sample of the cologne. Be sure to pick up your copy today!

ADVERTISEMENTS > Lacoste Challenge > Scanned Ads

I apologize for the line in the centerfold, but that’s how it’s folded in the magazine.

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Vanishing on 7th Street

Several articles are reporting that Hayden has indeed signed on for Vanishing on 7th Street.

Hayden Christensen is ‘Street’ smart

Hayden Christensen has signed to star and Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo are in negotiations to star in the indie thriller “Vanishing on Seventh Street” for director Brad Anderson.

Written by Anderson and Anthony Jaswinski, the story is set in a once-thriving city where shadowy forms cause residents to inexplicably disappear. Five survivors fight to stay alive while grappling with the meaning of existence.

Christensen is playing a reporter. Newton would play a desperate nurse and Leguizamo a subway operator.

Shooting is set to begin October 12th in the once-thriving city of Detroit.

Producing are Celine Rattray of Plum Pictures, Tove Christensen via Forest Park and Lawrence Mattis for Circle of Confusion.

Paradigm-repped Christensen most recently appeared on the big screen in “Jumper” and next stars opposite Matt Dillon and Zoe Saldana in the thriller “Takers,” which Screen Gems releases in February.

Newton, repped by WME, next appears in the Roland Emmerich disaster movie “2012.”

Leguizamo recently was heard as Sid the sloth in “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” and next will be seen in “Gamer” opposite Gerard Butler. He’s repped by CAA and the Collective.


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Out and About

Added new pictures of Hayden and Rachel walking in Manhattan and at the restaurant Pastis.

Candids > 2009 > Manhattan > 8-26-09

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New York, I Love You Posters

I’ve added more New York, I Love You movie posters.

MOVIES > New York, I Love You > Posters

International poster source and thanks to Christina for the link.

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Out and About

Candids > 2009 > Soho > 08-25-09

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Lacoste Challenge Commercial HQ Caps

ADVERTISEMENTS > Lacoste Challenge > Commercial Screencaps

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New York, I Love You

My thanks to Sarah from GoDigital Media Group for contacting and letting us know about some great prizes they’ll be giving away in about two weeks and you can join and check out the New York, I Love You


Myspace Page


Also, here are three new NYILY movie posters from Imp Awards. You can view them larger by clicking the previews below.

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Lacoste Challenge Commercial

We finally have the long version of the Lacoste Challenge commercial.

Source and thanks Nadine!

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