Sep 02,2010

TV Alerts

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Starting next Wednesday (September 8th) Jumper will be shown on FX. I’ve also updated the tv alerts with the latest. Be sure to check your local listings and on the side over there.


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One Response to “TV Alerts”

  1. Comment by Ruth in September 5, 2021 @ 10:29 pm

    My GOD this has been a wonderful couple of months for HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN fans, hasn’t it? We get to chat, we get to find out his future projects, we get to see him at the premier of TAKERS, on TV and the movie AND we get to see JUMPER and all the other Star Wars movies on TV! I feel like I’m in “overdrive” but who cares? It may be a couple years before we see him in something else! Doggone it! I enjoy his believable characters, he is so talented and adaptable in any role…such an intriguing actor and just plain FUN to watch!