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May 20,2010

Gallery Event Update

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Public Events > 2010 > Gol de Letra Foundation & Copacabana Palace

May 14,2010

Hayden Christensen Talks Fashion

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Actor Hayden Christensen talks about fashion, style and the gifts that he likes to offer to his fiancee Rachel Bilson

How would you define your style?
I’d say it’s casual and comfy. I like sportive activities, so I want to wear clothes that have no problem getting dirty. At the same time I like to take care of myself and be presentable. In general, I like simple clothes, nothing extravagant.

Do you pay attention to brands?
Look, I don’t like brands that put a 3 meters logo on a t-shirt, so that is my only rule about not to wear. But Lacoste’s crocodile is fine!

Did you know that Lacoste was the first brand to put their logo outside of clothes?
I didn’t know it, that’s fun!

What are your key pieces?
These boots that I’m wearing and the navy jacket, that I wear a lot. These two are really like me.

Do you follow trends?
I don’t follow trends, but I think there are many great stylists in contemporary fashion.

Any particular name?
Ah, that’s a question for my fiancee! That’s her thing…

What do you think of her style?
I think she does a good job in respecting her style, I don’t think she tries to follow trends. She tries to wear what reflects who she is.

And she creates trends many times!
She’s a trendsetter? She’ll love to know it, she loves these things!

What was the most fashionable gift you’ve ever given to her?
I usually buy her things from Hermès, because they have the H of my name. I give her a small necklace that was a small H in it, a bracelet that has a small H in it… I have some kind of theme going on!

Do you have a personal stylist?
No, and I think I never will. But my fiancee is a great personal stylist, and she’s mine only! She loves to buy things for me.

What outfit would you never wear?
Leather pants. In the beginning of my career I made a photo session wearing one, but I was too naive and I thought I had to do everything I was told. So they showed up with a pair and I said “Ok, I think I’ll wear leather pants, then”.

What do you wear to go to the beach?
I never wear speedos. It’s not possible over there in Canada. I like longer shorts, surfer style.

Is there anything that you don’t like about the way that women dress?
You know when they get all dressed up and can’t walk? That makes me laugh, because I keep thinking why would anyone wear something that would prevent them from moving, breathing, and doing all the basic necessities of life!


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May 12,2010

Interview with Hayden Christensen in RIO

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In Rio, the actor of Darth Vader, Hayden Christensen, reveals: “I like women who make me laugh ‘

What would you do if this face to face with Darth Vader, one of the greatest villains of the seventh art? Well, he would not come to Brazil, but Hayden Christensen, the actor who gave life to the character in the first three films in the saga “Star Wars” made his first visit to the country. The reason was special: he is the poster boy Lacoste and came to Rio to participate in the parade that the designer held at the Copacabana Palace.

The Canadian actor spoke to the report of IG on the afternoon of Wednesday (12) and talked about fashion, career, and has revealed that an ideal type of woman, with personality and sense of humor. Check out the interview below:

iG: What do you think about Brazil? Is there any place in particular you’d like to visit?
Christensen: This is my first time in Brazil and I’m finding it very nice. People are very nice and quiet. I have not had the opportunity to know very well the river, because I’ll get some time (the season of the actor is only three days), but tomorrow I’ll go do tourist programs such as the Sugarloaf, the barbecue … At Corcovado I can not go, because I said it’s closed off to visitors.


IG: In relation to Brazilian culture: you know any director, film or music?
Christensen: I do not really know much about movies and Brazilian culture. This is only my first visit to Brazil. But, I already have the visa in my passport of the country and plans to return sometime in the next five years. Sure, I’ll be back.

IG: What was it like playing a character so striking as Darth Vader in the latest films in the saga of “Star Wars”? That role has changed your life?
Christensen: Interpret a character like that was one of the most amazing things in my life. It was the movie that had the greatest recognition. Also, my brother has always been a big fan of “Star Wars” and we were very excited when I got the part.

IG: You’ve worked with established actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Ewan McGregor. Which one impressed you most? With another actor who would play opposite you?
Christensen: Wow! All were wonderful. I find it hard to choose one, but I would love to work with actors like Sean Peann solid reputation, Billy Crudup and Michael Gambon. I think others would learn from them.

IG: You became known for futuristic movies and science fiction. He had no fear of being stereotyped?
Christensen: I really think people associate me with that kind of movie, but I do not see it as a bad thing. I’m a fan of the genre. I’m still young, I have enough time to do different jobs, they succeed.

iG: What are your upcoming projects?
Christensen: My next film is called “Shadow Chaser”. This is one long action-adventure, the way I like. Everyone would also like us to do a sequel to “Jumper”, but this is a matter of time. We are working on the script …

IG: How did the partnership with Lacoste?
Christensen: I grew up playing tennis, so I always wore too much clothing by Lacoste, mainly polo shirts. When they invited me to be the poster boy of perfume Challenge, I was very happy because I think that the brand promotes an image of healthy people who enjoy sports as I do.

IG: And how do you define your style?
Christensen: I like casual attire and comfortable. And I am a very active person, so I like clothes that have no problem with that mess and leave me free to play sports.

iG: What piece of clothing that you do not give up at all?
Christensen: That difficult question! I do not know if I am so attached to a piece of clothing, I am not so vain, but I really like shoes. Especially boots. I bought these I’m wearing in London a year ago and use it enough. Whenever I’m in a place that is hot or cold.

iG: Today you visited the project Gol de Letra Foundation. How was the experience?
Christensen: I went there and played football. I love it but I do not think I did quite well because I was in boots (laughs). I think I’m better at tennis and hockey, sports practice since small. I know that Brazilians are crazy about football. When the game “FIFA” in the Playstation always choose the team from Brazil: Ronaldinho and Kaka are always the best, at least in the video game.

IG: You seem to be a very shy person. The fame and the paparazzi annoy you?
Christensen: It depends where I am. At my farm in Canada they do not bother me even a little, why not travel there often. But when I’m in Los Angeles, they can be a little insensitive. That’s crazy! They await you at the door of your house and follow you to where you go. If a camera were not as they would be pursuing.

IG: You are considered sexy symbol and has worked with women as icons of beauty Natalie Portman, Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba. In real life, what a woman should do to make you win?
Christensen: I like women who have their heads in place, they have their own opinions and be respected. I really look for a woman with humor, that makes me laugh. I think this is key! And if he is in evening dress, even better.


May 12,2010

Lacoste Fashion Show

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May 05,2010

Lacoste parades in Rio

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Who arrives in Rio next week is Michel Lacoste, son of tennis player Rene Lacoste, founder of French fashion house, and now the name behind the brand. Michel is accompanied by the Canadian actor Hayden Christensen - the new face of a perfume campaign for the brand. The pair stays at the Copacabana Palace, where, on May 12, Lacoste makes parade of his new collection.

Lacoste parades in Rio with the presence of “Darth Vader”

The French brand Lacoste launches summer 2011 collection with a parade in Rio de Janeiro on May 12. For the event, will the actor Hayden Christensen, the young Darth Vader in the Star Wars saga and that is the poster boy Challenge Lacoste perfume.

Hayden did not parade, but will be one of the hosts of the night next to the company’s chairman Michel Lacoste, son of the founder of the famous brand alligator, Rene Lacoste.
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Mar 12,2010

New Picture & Layout

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Public Events > 2009 > Lacoste, Spring Fashion Week 2010 > Backstage > 09-12-09

Also, the Photo Gallery has a great new look and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Jan 06,2010

Lacoste Fashion Week

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Lacoste, Spring Fashion Week 2010 > Backstage and Event

Thanks Marcy and Lacoste Facebook

Nov 17,2009

Our Little Farmer

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Here is the translation from the November ‘09, German issue of Instyle magazine.

Hayden Christensen talks about farm work and love


Since Hayden Christensen played the smart Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars”, you can’t think of the young star brigade without him. Now, on top of that, a perfume was dedicated to the Canadian, who is engaged to “OC“ Star Rachel Bilson. With a sexy unbuttoned polo shirt the 28 year old is advertising the new male fragrance from Lacoste “Challenge“:

Instyle: On the campaign picture there is not one chest hair in sight. Are you waxing?
Hayden Christensen: (laughs) God, no, I never did that. It would hurt to bad. It wouldn’t really pay off, because haven’t got a lot of chest hair.

Instyle: People Magazine voted you one of the sexiest man in Hollywood. Do you like that?
Hayden Christensen: It’s flattering, but i get embarrassed, when someone asks me about it. I’m not really paying attention to my looks. It only takes me 15 minutes in the bathroom.

Instyle: Do you like the new Lacoste Challenge fragrance?
Hayden Christensen: The fresh scent of Lemon and orange and the heavy scent of ginger and dark wood, is reminding me of my fathers smell.

Instyle: What was your biggest challenge?
Hayden Christensen: My brother Tove, my sister Heijsa and I participated in the “Eco- Challenge” in Figi, when I was 21. It was a TV-adventure show, a 500 km race with 50 teams, who have to go threw the jungle on their own. There’s still a You Tube video.

Instyle: What do you like to do in your free time? Something adventures?
Hayden Christensen: I try to win tennis matches, and played against Mats Wilander in a Lacoste tournament for example. And I have a farm near Toronto with chickens and horses. That’s a good balance to Hollywood. We grow bio-vegetables and get our own power from solar-cells. I love to work on the farm and plow the land with my tractor.

Instyle: And your fiance is walking around in rain boots threw the mud?
Hayden Christensen: (laughs) We like to walk threw the woods. But I thinks she prefers to go shopping in Beverly Hills than farm work.

Instyle: Is she giving you styling tips?
Hayden Christensen: She sometimes buys shirts for me. But my favourite one, brought my grandma from Jamaica. It is a Hard-Rock-Cafe shirt.

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Nov 15,2009

Gallery Update

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I’ve added new pictures in the following galleries.

Jumper > Production Stills

Lacoste Challenge > Backstage Shots and Promotional Stills

Events > 2009 > The French Open

Nov 15,2009

New/Old Interview from July

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Here is an old/new interview with Hayden from July. Seems somewhat accurate, so I thought I’d post it. It is however in German, so if anyone would like to correct any of the typos, please do by commenting or contacting me. Thank you and enjoy!

Hayden Christensen is the face of the Lacoste fragrance “Challenge” - but beauty treatments are not for him. Since he prefers driving to his farm!


Since he has played Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars”, is Hayden Christensen, 28, as one of Hollywood’s hottest newcomer. His good fortune that he has decided at 17 to an acting career. Up to that time they said the Canadian, who is now engaged with “OC” star Rachel Bilson, 27, also requires a career as a tennis star. Since it was a plus that Lacoste - the main sponsor of Roland Garros - he was elected as a testimonial for the new fragrance for men “Challenge”. In Paris, hit OK! the sympathetic Star to talk about vanity, challenges, and his wedding …

Truthfully: in the morning… how long do you need in the bathroom?

Well, Rachel definitely takes more time than I do. As soon as I get out of the shower, I’m ready.

Aren’t you ambitious when it comes to your looks?

I kind of don’t care about that. I believe beauty comes from within. That’s why it’s important for me that I’m clean, when I step out of the shower. I pay attention that I eat healthy and that my body stays fit. I was at a beautician once or twice, but facials just hurt too much.

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Oct 21,2009

Lacoste, Spring Fashion Week 2010 Pictures Update 3

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More have been added from the event.

Public Events > 2009 > Lacoste, Spring Fashion Week 2010 > Event

Sep 16,2009

Lacoste, Spring Fashion Week 2010 Pictures Update 2

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I’ve added a few more images from the event and backstage.

Public Events > 2009 > Lacoste, Spring Fashion Week 2010 > Event and Backstage

Thank you to Lora for the backstage photo.

Sep 14,2009

Lacoste Coverage Clips and Caps

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Screencaptures from the Hayden VS Mats clip have been added to the gallery.

Advertisements > Lacoste Challenge > Hayden VS Mats Wilander > Screencaps

I’ve also added another clip from the official Lacoste website. It shows how Macy’s New York became the biggest Lacoste store in the world. (August ’09) There is only a brief shot of Hayden on the court with Mats Wilander and the Lacoste poster he’s featured on. I had requests to add it, so it’s now available for download.

Lacoste Challenge > Macy’s New York

Screencaptures can be found by clicking the link below.

Advertisements > Lacoste Challenge > Macy’s in New York > Screencaps

Sep 13,2009

Fashion Week New York Lacoste

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Here is a video from the Lacoste, Spring Fashion Week.

Unfortunately there is no voice, only music and Hayden comes in at 45-55 secs. Thanks again to Lisa, haydsobsessed, dsolo, and gruporeforma for the link!

Sep 13,2009

Lacoste, Spring Fashion Week 2010 Pictures Update

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Public Events > 2009 > Lacoste, Spring Fashion Week 2010 > Event and Backstage