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About the Characters

The Main Cast
Joe Landow : Peter Scarbrow has been the headmaster and chief administrator of Mt. Horizon High for the past three years and is determined that each of his charges leave the school with self-worth intact and a better life ahead of them. Working with the school’s owner and founder, Frank Markasian, they have built Horizon into one of the finest, most progressive and most successful “emotional growth” schools in the Pacific Northwest. On the physical side, Peter is strong and healthy, an outdoor athlete into running, biking, climbing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and hang-gliding. But these passions have come to Peter only recently. Prior to meeting Frank, Peter had bottomed-out. A certifiable success at 28 at one of the biggest brokerages on Wall Street, Peter seemed to have it all. But to keep up with the incredible, physical demands of the business, he turned to cocaine, and then to heroine — which became his undoing. Gradually, at first, his life started spinning out of control until, ultimately, his marriage, his bank account and his Porsche were total wrecks. After his first overdose and a stint at a rehab clinic, he began using again and ended up on the streets. Recovering at a Washington hospital after another near-fatal overdose, he met Frank, whose simple, straightforward philosophy struck a chord with Peter. The two men bonded and Frank invited him to Mt. Horizon to clear his mind, cleanse his body in the clean mountain air and facilitate his recovery. Frank slowly became Peter’s mentor, best friend and surrogate father. And except for an occasional trip back to New York, Peter has remained at Mt. Horizon ever since.

Anne Marie Loder: Sophie Becker was raised by her parents in a loving family, however her mother wanted Sophie to be a little lady. She didn’t fit into this mold and was determined to be the least girl like girl that ever lived.
She met Peter in rehab and the two became instant friends. After a three-year absence,
Sophie meets up with Peter and he convinces her to become involved with Mt. Horizon. She is hesitant at first.
Sophie has a little problem with putting roots down and staying in one place-a commitment. Peter inevitably wins her over and she becomes a couselor at the school.Although Sophie seems happy and bubbly, she hides her own demons. Sophie is unable to have children, and as it becomes more apparant that Peter will want her in his future, she is faced with the fact that she will have to share this truth with him. Sophie and Peter share a love of daredevil sports- and a love for each other: they are engaged by the end of the season.

Hayden Christensen: He had it all, looks, brains, talent, athletic — everything. The only thing Scott Barringer didn’t have in his life was happiness. At age 16 it seems that Scott would be on his way to having a girlfriend and being popular but that was very much not true. At age 15 his father married a beautiful, dark haired women named Elaine who was less than half his age. Scott was sad and confused about his father’s divorce with his mother whom he loved, and he feels responsible for it. His stepmother seems to love his father but is secretly sneaking off to Scott’s room night after night with bad intentions for Scott. Scott was scared and didn’t understand so he let it happen night after night ashamed to tell his father or anyone for that matter until he was taken to Horizon. After being kicked off the football team because he was taken drugs his father decided to sent him to Mt. Horizon, unaware of his son’s situation with his stepmom. Scott comes to Horizon unwillingly thinking he shouldn’t be here and hating his father for sending him to a school he doesn’t think he belongs at. Scott finally opens up to Juliet after a sour battle between Shelby the blonde bitch with a shady past and Juliet the bubbly brunette with a sweet smile. After Shelby tries to seduce him and Scott lets her after his failed crush on Sophie the counselor, Scott breaks away from the hold Elaine had on him and opens up to Shelby and he finds that she provides him with the companionship he so desperately needed.

AJ Cook : Shelby Merrick is a seemingly tough teen that is actually covering up a world of hurt. She grew up with her mother, younger sister Jess, and a sexually abusive stepfather. After years of enduring abuse, Shelby turned to the streets and got lost in a world of prostitution and drugs before being picked up and sent to Horizon. At Horizon, Shelby seemed to make no progress, and continually shut out those who cared for her and wanted to help her, fearing she would be hurt. However, the somewhat sultry blonde knew what she wanted, and lured Scott into her arms and he gave her a love unlike any she had ever known. They shared a love that no one would ever understand. When there was trouble though, Shelby turned to the always blunt Daisy who showed her the depths of human emotion and taught her that it was okay to feel.

Jorge Vargas: Augusto: “Auggie” Ciceros is known as the sweet and understanding one, who has been influence with violence at a very young age. The youngest of five children, he grew up in a middle class home where violence could be found just around the corner. At the age of 15, and with a severe cas of dyslexia, Auggie was unable to read or write. This caused him to be basically fail all his classes and land him in the handicapped classes. With older siblings involved with gang violence, young Auggie would be inevitibility be tempted in that direction. By being a part of the violence, Auggie got stabbed in the .stomach and received a scar that will no doubly stay with him as a reminder for the rest of his life. After experiencing all this at such a young age, Augusto was eventually busted for tagging on the walls near his home. Given the choice to be sent to Horizon or Juvenile Hall, Auggie opted for Horizon. After arriving at Horizon, it was discovered that he had a severe form of dyslexia. The problem was resolved and now he’s doing great in all his classes. What we have yet to learn is what lies ahead for Auggie and what his past was really like. By attending Horizon, Auggie has learned a lot on how to survive in the real work. He has also began to realize that he really is smart after years of thinking he wasn’t so bright. Augie has even found a friend that he could rely on .. the young Juliette. Together, the two find that love can break any social background.

Jewel Staite: Daisy Lipenowski is known as the witty, wisecracking, say it like it is type of girl. As a child, Daisy grew up watching her alcoholic parents ruin their lives. In order to hide the discomfort and experience she had at home, she hides her innerself behind her “goth-like” makeup and clothing. When an experience at home became physical, Daisy decided to take matters in to her own hands. Naturally, she struck back with a seven iron and was thus sent to Horizon. Insightful and brutally honest, Daisy is never scared of saying what she feels about other people’s problems but hides her own inner turmoil whith herself. Upon arriving at Horizon, she discovers a new found friend in Shelby.

Kandyse Mcclure: Kat Cabot was orphaned as a young child and put up for adoption. She was adopted by a caring family who gave her the love and support she needed to stabilize her life. However, this family also happened to be white. Kat, the only African American in a white family constantly felt out casted and as though she didn’t fit in with her own family, causing depression. Added onto this already dysfunctional situation was a family trip gone horribly wrong-a trip to the lake proved to be the breaking point in Kat’s life. During a seemingly harmless swimming race against her adoptive sister Shannon, who desperately wanted to be like Kat, a tragedy occurred. Kat ignored her sister’s frantic calls for help, and Shannon drowned that day at the lake. Kat found no one to blame but herself. She started acting out, her grades dropped and she began to
shop lift, and hang out with the wrong crowd. As a result her parents sent her to Horizon as a last resort. Horizon helped Kat to not blame herself for her sister’s death, and to learn to love herself again-and a brown haired-brown eyed cutie named Hank. The season ended as Kat was soon to graduate from the school.

Kyle Downes: Ezra Freidkin was born into a home in which the parents thought that having a child might save their failing marriage. Distraught, Ezra turned to drugs and OD ed sending him into rehab several times. He was sent to Horizon as a last resort. There, this shy, somewhat quiet boy learns how to heal. At Horizon, he gets a chance to express himself in directing an “original” play entitled “Bobby Jo and Gillian” which bears a strange resemblance to William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliette”. Ezra finds a friend in the brutally honest Daisy.

Meghan Ory: Juliette was born into a family of perfectionists and over achievers where she constantly fell short of her mother’s expectations. Her mother remarried several times constantly chaninf Juliette’s family situation, causing her emotional distress, and depriving her of the attention she needed. Feeling as though her life had spun out of control, Jules turned to self mutilation, including cutting and bulimia, to try and gain some control over her life again. After selling diet pills to half of the girls in her class, Juliette’s mother sent her to Horizon. Though she was far from home, she was continually haunted by her mother’s expectations of her, and was never able to break free. After a brief romance with Scott, Juliette found a best friend and a love interest in the adorable Auggie, proving that love can overcome all social beackgrounds.