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  • There was no one to baby-sit me and I went along for the ride and they asked me if I wanted to do some

    commercials and I said sure-On his break in commercials.

  • Helmut Lang underwear.-On the product he would endorse for free

  • No way! Are you kidding me? I had no idea. That’s pretty cool"-On discovering Sofia Coppola,

    director of his film The Virgin Suicides, was a handmaiden in Episode I.

  • Growing up I played competitive Triple A hockey and I played competitive tennis and hoped to get a tennis

    scholarship at university, but I got a bit sidetracked with acting.

  • Star Wars has always been big for my generation. When Episode I came out my entire high school went to the

    theater for the first showing. It was a big event, and to be a part of that now is very special.

  • Everyone was so nice last weekend that they made me feel at ease. It was like a big field trip going to the

    Ranch.-On auditioning at the Skywalker Ranch.

  • Anakin is from a desert planet, so they gave me a pretty severe tan."On his makeup for Star Wars.

  • Zero to none. Most of the work I’ve done has been in low budget films. Higher Ground didn’t have a very big

    budget.-On his experience with special effects.

  • My character on Higher Ground was a bad kid. He was a troubled, drug-abusing, messed-up, sexually abused punk.

    He’s not a bad kid though. He’s just messed up. He’s confused. I don’t think anyone at that age is innately bad,

    there’s just some confusion. But if you watch the show, there’s definitely a progression, and a development to some

    understanding of what was happening in his life that was making him make these mistakes.-On his character in Higher


  • My brother Tove and I have always been big fans.We used to play some of the early video games religiously,

    for an hour at a time, to make sure we became Jedi Knights.

  • I don’t know anything. I’m as much in the dark as everybody else. It’s really weird, because usually you don’t sign

    onto a film before you’ve read the script. But this is definitely the one exception."-On two weeks after signing to the part

    and not knowing anything.

  • Actors are observers. They’re trying to have an understanding of human sensibility. And how do you have

    that accurate observation if you regard yourself as someone of great importance? When you’re the one

    constantly being observed, because they view you as a celebrity? It’s all wrong.

  • And we did reverses and close-ups, until George was happy with what we did."-On the screen test, and the

    script he used for it.

  • I’ve got a frog collection! I was given one when I was 12 and from then on everyone gave me frogs. Some made of

    wood, some made of bean bags.

  • I don’t know anything. I’m as much in the dark as everybody else. It’s really weird, because usually you don’t sign

    onto a film before you’ve read the script. But this is definitely the one exception.-On two weeks after signing to the

    part and not knowing anything.

  • As a good person."-On how he would like to be remembered.

  • But it was only about a week ago that it started to hit me that I was testing for Anakin… Darth Vader! It’s just

    been sort of hard to grasp.

  • Of course I’m nervous. I think something would be wrong if I wasn’t nervous. But I’ve got two films to make that

    transition, and George is going to outline it. It will be a challenging task, but it will be a fun collaboration between myself and

    George."-On bridging the gap between innocent Anakin and evil Darth.

  • Yeah, you don’t know what to do with that. As long as the (tabloids) aren’t telling the truth, ‘I’m okay with it. My

    philosophy is as long as it’s not true, it’s okay. As soon as they get the truth-then I’m worried.-On tabloid reports

    saying he and Natalie Portman are dating.

  • There are so many aspects that I’m so thrilled to be involved with. I’ve never been outside of North America,

    so this will be my first chance to see some of the other parts of the world-and it’s going to be pretty cool to do it on the Lucas

    Tour Bus!-On what he is looking forward to this summer.

  • Well, to be honest, I’ve never seen an episode of Higher Ground on TV- I don’t have cable, but I love The Simpsons.-On his favorite TV show.

  • Self-doubt, though I haven’t left that behind completely.-On the teen trauma he’s happiest to be leaving behind.

  • Tove says I ruined it for him. He’s like ‘You’re not Darth Vader. Come on! I just kicked your ass last week. Come on!

  • I was really nervous when I went to Skywalker Ranch, I threw up on the plane both times.

  • When I phoned my mom when I found out, she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

    My entire house was just chaotic

  • I hope that, at the very least, it inspires them to follow their dreams in acting and to take risks and to just get out

    there and do what you’re going to do, and not be afraid of whether you’re going to be successful or not -

    because anything’s possible,you know. I never would have thought that I’d be in Star Wars, and here I am.

  • I don’t know. My publicity?-On what he would want his clone to do (if he had one).

  • Yes, I got that a couple of weeks before the test, and I made sure that I knew it like the back of my hand. But it was hard,

    because I didn’t have a script to help me get a better idea of who this character was. Even though you know he’s Darth Vader

    and there are all these other films about him, I wasn’t sure where he was in the development, in the progression of Anakin to

    Darth. So, it was hard going into it. I was sort of in the dark. But when I sat down with George, I got a better sense of what

    I was supposed to be doing. And when you see George, he’s kind of like a rock star-he has this entourage that just follows

    him around. But when you’re alone with him and he’s giving you direction, he makes you feel very at ease. He’s very disarming.

    So then Robin, Natalie, George, and I went to a separate room just to rehearse it a few times.

    We ran over the lines, and then we went into where we were going to shoot the screen test. Then we rehearsed the scene a

    couple of times on camera,and then we shot it.

  • I was going to take some Bo classes just for myself, to familiarize myself with some of the moves.

    But I was just told not to do that actual- ly, and to take fencing instead, which will give me a better idea. So, I’m going to

    take some fencing classes before I get to Australia. I go out the beginning of June, and I work with Nick Gillard, who

    is the stunt coordinator, for about three weeks, everyday, learning the different fight scenes. I’m going to try to do most of my

    own stunts.-On tai bo and training.

  • Well, more him sizing me up, and me trying to, you know, be sized up well."-On first impressions with

    George Lucas.

  • No, and I don’t think it ever will. You know, it still feels very surreal. I’m beside myself. It’s like I’m sitting next to myself,

    seeing myself, and asking, ‘Are you understanding this?’ ‘No, are you understanding this?’ It’s incredible. I never would have

    thought this would happen. I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’m overwhelmed. I’m experiencing so many different emotions right now.

    It’s a lot to deal with. But I’m thrilled with the challenge."-On the reality of being in Star Wars.

  • Not such a prominent one right now-I don’t have time!-On the role girls play in his life.

  • It was a great experience. She’s a fine actress and she made it very easy [for me] to look at her with such adoring eyes.-On working with Natalie.

  • Everything was very bexy, and very digitalized. That game was great."-On the dreams he got after playing

    Shadows of the Empires (Star Wars Video Game).

  • The Canadians are breaking out now-we’re taking over. Who was it that I justfound out was Canadian? Macy Gray is

    Canadian, I just got her CD. I’ll say Macy Gray.-On his favorite Canadian star.

  • I thought it was great. I loved it. It was such a cool film. You know, I was always curious what Darth Vader was

    going to look like under the mask.-On Episode I.

  • The Princess Bride is probably at the top of the list. Living in Oblivion. And Without Limits,

    I like that movie a lot. It’s with Billy Crudup-it’s the Steve Prefontaine story. They made two of them, and it’s the good one.

    -On his favorite movies.

  • And I couldn’t be happier-what a film to commit to!"-On his five year commitment to Star Wars.

  • Oh, yeah, I watched [the four other Star Wars movies] religiously for a week beforehand. I wanted to make sure I was as

    prepared as possible. I also remember I picked up a copy of your magazine before I went to go and meet with George.

    I was like, ‘They have their own magazine?!’ That is so cool."-On doing his ‘homework’ for his screen test.

  • No, the first time was just a general meeting with Robin. I was in Vancouver doing Higher Ground, and I flew out just to meet

    with her, over at some hotel down the street, actually. We just had a normal conversation. We didn’t talk about Star Wars,

    just about my experiences with acting and what I was doing. She put that on videotape, and George saw that.-On meeting with Robin Gurland, the casting director of Star Wars.

  • It’s difficult to say one thing, because I don’t understand them at all.-On one thing he’s learned about the opposite sex.

  • I think I’m a pretty grounded individual and will handle it as well as anyone my age would…

    Or maybe I’ll become a big mess.Who knows?

  • The entire time I’ve been involved in the casting process -for eight months — actually being in Star Wars seemed so far-fetched.

  • Because it’s Star Wars! It speaks for itself-come on."-On Star Wars being the exception to every rule.

  • Well, Jake brought this very innocent, very naive side to the character. And Sebastian brought a very pure intensity to the role."-On Jake Lloyd and Sebastian Shaw, who played the different versions of Anakin.

  • Yeah! It was so cool-I was content with just the experience. I got to shoot a scene from Star Wars! They gave me an

    Episode I cap, too, and a nice Star Wars mug. I got a few souvenirs, and I was happy.-On the screen test experience.

  • Well, George has a very specific way of writing in the Star Wars context. It’s not a normal way of speaking.

    I wanted to get a feel for that for the most part, familiarize myself more with some of the Star Wars themes, and get

    an idea of the sensibilities that Jake Lloyd and Sebastian Shaw brought to the character-just to get an idea of what they were

    bringing to Anakin. I picked up on some of those things.-On the effects of watching the Star Wars films before the audition.

  • I never really felt like it would come to fruition, that I would ever even test for it. It was just more of a field trip for me,

    going in and meeting George and getting to see the Ranch. When I found out that I was going to test for it, I still never

    thought it would happen. It was just cool, and that’s it.-On whether he thought he had a shot at the role.

  • I read a lot of magazines. Colors, Details, there’s a slew of them that I have at home. Star Wars Insider! [Laughs].

    -On what he reads..

  • It’s going to be a pretty cool development. You know, aside from the fact that it’s Star Wars, and it has this cultural following,

    and it’s a huge event, I’m thrilled to be working on it mostly because it has all these mythic qualities and religious parallels.

    As an actor it’s going to be very challenging. I’m looking forward to it.-On the development of Anakin.

  • I don’t know. Go shoot stick, just normal stuff. Find something to do. Usually we just sit around contemplating

    what we want to do.-What he does with his friends.

  • Yeah. It’s going to be weird making that transition from pretty much the pinnacle of good- which Jake embodies-to the most

    powerful man in the universe, the darkest, evilest Darth.-On slaughtering the Jedi in the future.

  • I play the piano and some other instruments.

  • Well, if you look hard, you’ll see me in the background running by. I have a few lines, but I’m not one of the leads.-On his role in the Virgin Suicides.

  • I play the piano and some other instruments.

  • All my favorite work so far has been on stage.I’ve done a couple professional productions.I did Hamlet.That would

    probably be my favorite part-Hamlet.-On his favorite pre-Episode II role.

  • I never really wanted to do television. I always wanted to make films. I’ve always had a love for film, and the reason why

    I developed such an interest in acting was because at the time that was the only way I could be involved in films.I couldn’t

    direct, I couldn’t produce, I couldn’t do any of the other creative stuff like that, and that’s why I got into it.

  • I listen to everything-OutKast, Ben Harper. I don’t really listen to country, but I listen to most everything else.

  • Just the-you know-everything! It was just so different from everything else that I’d seen, and it affected so many other people

    that I knew. Some of my friends are fanatical about Star Wars. When Episode I came out, my entire high school vacated,

    just to go to the first showing of it. We all rushed to the theaters to see the noon showing of Star Wars. We also bought

    tickets for the theatrical trailers-we paid seven bucks, and then we left when the movie started.

  • I had this great secret I was so excited about, but I couldn’t tell anybody. So I mean, I was always walking around with this big

    smile on my face and everyone was like, ‘So, why are you so happy?’ I was like, ‘Yeaah, you’ll find out soon enough.

  • Of course, it’s petrifying, especially coming from the position I was in prior to Star Wars.It’ll be a change and,

    you know, you deal with it as it comes along and just hope you can cope.

  • I went back about two months later to do the test screen with Natalie, which was great, because

    I’ve always respected her work.

  • It would definitely take some reflection, but I would choose love over obligation. Definitely!-

    On love vs.obligation.

  • Yeah, and it’s hard to not tell people, but that’s what we’ve got to do.

  • Well, Star Wars has always been a part of my life, though. I grew up on it, so it seems weird in that sense. Star Wars was,

    of course, before my time, but everyone’s seen it and everyone loves it. The fans are just so devoted. We were big into Star

    Wars and all the paraphernalia. My brother had every figure, every starship. He’s 27, and he’s fanatical about Star Wars.

    When Shadows of the Empire came out on Nintendo 64, we used to lock ourselves in my bedroom and relay the controller

    back and forth until we became Jedi Knights. If I played it too much, I remember, it used to visit me in my dreams. I used to

    have dreams that I was in the Star Wars game. It just had such an impact.

  • Oh, yeah-I’m a fan of all her films. I think she’s made some really smart choices in the work that she has done.I’m really excited to be working with her, and Ewan too. He’s great, so that will be fun."-On Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor.

  • It was never something I really thought about. As an actor, you don’t really think of how well you’re doing in terms of

    your level of fame. It’s rather the quality of your work.

  • I’m relandscaping my parents’ backyard. They’re really happy about it. I’ve got the Bobcats and backhoes and everything."-On his summer plans.

  • It’s a much different Anakin this time around. He’s in the midst of the Clone Wars. All the stresses and anxieties in his life have furthered and are really coming to fruition for him in this film. It’s about how he handles the tangible anxieties that push him, (and) Anakin doesn’t cope too well."-How much has Anakin changed in “Sith”?

  • So much. He has really been a bit of a mentor for me. He has such a healthy and educated perspective — to sit down with him, listen to him and share his experiences is a real gift."-What have you learned from George Lucas about the business of moviemaking?