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Copy his Hairstyles | Den's Style Guide
Hairstyle 01
Hayden's back and sides are left long and jagged while the top is razor cut to create extra definition.This tousled effect is easy to re-create and will look fabulous on most hair types.

Hairstyle 02
Hayden boasts gorgeous curly locks with this great short crop. His hair is left short and angled around the top and cut into a round shape. This hairstyle is easy to maintain with regular trims.

Hairstyle 03
Curly locks look great on this 'Star Wars' star. Short layers are cut throughout, to enhance the curl, and make this an easy style to maintain with regular trims.

Hairstyle 04
Short and sexy, this style is a great look for Hayden. Clipper cut short on the sides and back, to create a "piecey" effect, the top is then layer cut to add height and texture.

Hairstyle 05
Clean cut style for long hair, add a creame like Bumble & Bumble Grooming Creme to tame thick hair.