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Hayden's Favorite Accessories| Den's Style Guide
• Sunglasses

• Caps: Hayden loves to wear caps, one of his favorites being his Toronto Maple Leafs Cap.

• Newsboys Cap

• Hoodies: He's big on hoodies:" And that preceded my Jedi involvement."

• Scarves

• Tshirt: " My Hard-Rock Café T-shirt my grandma brought me back from Jamaica. Whenever I see her she always mentions it, so I have to make sure I'm wearing it if she's coming over to visit. Everyone has to have a Hard-Rock Café shirt someone brought back from vacation for them though - it's the rules!"

• Pinstripe Suitcoats

• Corduroy & Satin Coats

• Black Trenchcoat: Hayden's most favorite item of clothing-"I have a cool black coat, kind of like a trenchcoat. It's warm and comfortable and I wear it all the time."

• Jeans

• Dress Pants

• Boots

• Shoes

• Undergarments: Helmut Lung Underwear & fresh pairs of socks.