The Lacoste Challenge Press Release

” Never Resist the Call of the Game”

Challenge is the invigorating new fragrance for men from Lacoste; a positively energizing scent which captures the youthful dynamism of today assertive male urbanites. Epitomizing the tenacious attitude and effortless panache of the brand’s founding father, tennis legend Ren” Lacoste, this energetic new scent is aptly named, having been designed to inspire the wearer to confidently embrace whatever challenges or surprises life throws at him its motto: “Never resist the call of the game”.

Steadfast and purposeful, Ren (C) Lacoste consistently rose to the challenge with a polished flair and grace which underpins the image of relaxed elegance that is synonymous with the Lacoste brand. Featuring an uplifting composition of fresh, aromatic top notes juxtaposed with a complex, solid woody base, Lacoste Challenge proudly reflects this heritage while bringing a modern, edgy twist via its contemporary olfactory structure and trendy packaging design the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

The face of the fragrance, and star of the TV and print advertising campaign, is popular Canadian actor, Hayden Christensen, whose playful charm, active persona and natural style make him the perfect embodiment of the brand’s youthful, modern edge.

We’re delighted to be working with Hayden as the face of the new male fragrance from LACOSTE as he perfectly captures the modern spirit of the brand. He’s young, stylish and dynamic, with a charismatic twinkle in his eye that perfectly brings to life the ethos of the new fragrance. Andreas Gerber, Global Marketing Director, LACOSTE Fragrances.

LACOSTE Challenge | The Fragrance

Subtly blending classic and modern ingredients, the unique olfactory structure of the scent serves as a sophisticated metaphor for the distinctive style of play for which Ren (C) Lacoste was renowned. Cool, focused and always clear-headed, Lacoste’s game-play was characterized by tenacious durability at the base line, punctuated with energetic bursts and an exhilarating lightness of touch.

Precise and determined, he would never run after a ball unnecessarily, which adroitly reinforces the spirit of casual elegance that remains at the heart of the brand. It was this trademark tenacity and consistency on the courts that earned Ren (C) Lacoste his famous Crocodile moniker “he never lets go of his prey which in turn inspired the iconic logo that has become synonymous with the brand, and one of the most recognizable emblems in the world.

Top Note ” THE SERVE
The fragrance opens strongly with fresh and energetic notes of tangerine and lemon, augmented by a burst of aromatic lavender one of the most classic ingredients in masculine perfumery which works to sustain the citric zing of the top notes into the heart of the scent.

Middle Accord ” THE VOLLEY
The energy of the middle accord is driven by spices including ginger, aptly representing Ren (C) Lacoste’s formidable skills at the net, which he used sparingly to sting opponents when least expected, bringing an exciting kick to his overall game play.

Just as the legend was renowned for his stamina at the base line; so the base notes are powerful, steady and consistent. Precious rosewood brings a modern edge to the scent, teak has an almost antique quality that reinforces the distinguished heritage of the brand, and the blackness of ebony corresponds to the slick modern design of the flacon. Together they create a sustained strength, giving the fragrance its solid foundation.

LACOSTE Challenge | The Bottle & Packaging

An inspired inventor, Ren (C) Lacoste continually made innovative adjustments to his rackets to make them more efficient and easier to handle. In the 1920s, he shipped hundreds of rolls of sticking plaster from the US to wrap around the handle of his racket to improve the grip. The idea quickly caught on and soon became used throughout the sport.

The Lacoste Challenge flacon is directly inspired by this remarkable innovation. Emulating the shape of a tennis racket handle, the solid glass bottle is encased in a lustrous black soft touch grip emblazoned with the iconic Lacoste crocodile logo, while the juice is a bright, eye-catching yellow. The color scheme is also a direct reference to the world of tennis in general, with its classic bright yellow balls and black racket grips. The outer packaging mirrors the flacon with a simple two tone design enhanced by the use of luxurious materials, including a glossy yellow finish contrasted with a soft touch matt black effect, elegantly set off by an embossed white crocodile logo with silver hotfoildetailing.

The overall result is a striking, modern reinterpretation of the brand’s youthful, sportive image, which pays tribute to the long-standing heritage of pioneering creativity that originated with its founder.

LACOSTE Challenge| The Line-Up

Eau de Toilette Spray, 1.6 fl. oz. $40.00
Eau de Toilette Spray, 2.5 fl. oz. $50.00
Eau de Toilette Spray, 3.0 fl. oz. $60.00
After Shave Lotion, 2.5 fl. oz. $42.00
After Shave Balm, 2.5 fl. oz. $37.00
Shower Gel, 5.0 fl. oz. $27.00
Deodorant Stick, 2.4 oz. net wt. $21.00

LACOSTE Challenge | Availability

Better Department Stores Nationwide
Summer 2009

LACOSTE Challenge | Press Contacts

Shane English, 212.299.3788
P&G Prestige Products, Inc.

Yasmine Afshar, 646.654.3447
NIKE Communications, Inc.

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