Lacoste Challenge Launch

Is really a coincidence, while others cover the booth of “soon LACOSTE Anakin Skywalker comes to the booth” with information. “LACOSTE”. I’d love to see it and LACOSTE booth. When you arrive at the front booth, occupying the front row of the 10 girls in their teens. LACOSTE. And only momently, LACOSTE were waiting for the new image model for men’s perfume. The front row is the rope had been extended, and almost anything you want in a girl shifted to the position of the rope in the stealing of a little booth staff. I know. But far too much BAREMASHITA. Back to back. They are great at giving up. Progress had been re-calculating.

The aim of all, LACOSTE perfume for men “LACOSTE CHALLENGE” image model HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN (Hayden Christensen). Star Wars, Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader when young) as you may know the role. Staff and spectators gathered in the actual interview everyone, “Anna was a child I come Kin! What did I name it is?” Situation. If you did not know even heard the name, please be assured. Many others.

All told to wait about 20 minutes. 3 SP tough people has arrived surrounded by Hayden Christensen.

Attendant (?), A man of cool, and wander about which is which. In this case, the front row of girls age 10 and IKKIRI light yellow to cheer up was
just practice. “KYA ~! ~!!”" KYA, look at me!”

Maine planning of this event was that of a perfume gift to the winner. Hayden Christensen’s Pick something that you mentioned the name on the back of postcards in advance.

This incident occurred. The winner of two events and not the venue. “If not next to the coffee!” That began with noisy venue, take in the phone, there is something OSAMARIMASHITA. Girls “to take picture, I want!” Disaffected. Certainly, if you have a direct hand in the perfume, you might want it for men.

Then, the much-awaited signing. 10. 10 girls in almost every age had received a shrewd signing. This power. I want it a little.

I only have 10 minutes to start, “now get back to” the voice of the fans of Hayden Christensen was left were surrounded by SP.

Here is a story of struggle when I took pictures. SP’s so well built, but they remarkably than Hayden Christensen in Maine when I took pictures.
I was embarrassed.


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