The call of the game perfume Lacoste Challenge

Lacoste announced the commercialization of its new fragrance for the month of May 2009. Called “Challenge”, the scent is a nod to the fighting spirit of the founding father of the house Lacoste, the champion tennis legend. The fragrance is aimed at all those for whom life is a challenge, with the motto: “Do not resist the call of the game.”

Three notes, a short
The 3 notes of “Challenge” have to remind the playground on which RenĂ© Lacoste has built its reputation. As it’s a managed service, the scent starts with freshness and energy. The aromas of tangerine and lemon, which blends a touch of bergamot warm, open way with panache. The note of heart, symbol of the net, giving punch flavored with ginger and spicy incisive. Lavender, juniper and sweet violet leaves powdered supplement this. As a bottom line of short, teak and ebony wood provide power and consistency to the scent.

A bottle like a tennis racket
The bottle of “Challenge” is not unlike the handle of a tennis racket, dressed in shiny black and grip. This feature was born of a practice of Rene Lacoste who in 20 years, wrapped the handle of her racket tape. The aim was to increase its adhesion and ease of grip. An idea that quickly became popular and today symbolizes the holder of the scent.

Eau de toilette Lacoste Challenge, spray:
50 ml: 40 euro.
75 ml: 50 euro.
90 ml: 60 euro.

Available from May 2009.


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