Le Côté Obscure d’Anakin

This month, Lucasfilm Magazine #54, the official magazine of the French Star Wars Fan Club, features in depth coverage of the first Official Star Wars convention that took place in Paris last May: Star Wars Réunion. Read about everything that happened from a special appearance by Producer Rick McCallum to the opening night concert.

This issue also features an interview with the Dark Lord himself — actor Hayden Christensen — who speaks about his journey into darkness, and his donning of the fabled armor that finally and fully transformed him into Darth Vader. Actor Ian McDiarmid is also spotlighted in a feature interview about his role as Palpatine in Episode III. And to round out the issue, actress Natalie Portman talks about her evolving role as Padmé, mother of the galaxy’s new hope for freedom.

Also in this issue, go behind-the-scenes with a look inside The Making of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith with a special interview with author Jonathan Rinzler.

Don’t forget to check out the Best of Hyperspace, Ask the Master Q & A, and all the fan-favorite features. Lucasfilm Magazine #54 starts is now in newsstands

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