The Sensitive Macho

To Star Wars –hero Hayden Christensen women are inscrutable, but for all that he’s searching for the big love.

Today the ill’s wearing a blue baseball-cap from the Toronto Maple leafs and is smiling friendly. “I’m fan of the worlds best ice hockey team, as you can see!” he tell us at the beginning and next second he’s sitting inside a huge leather armchair. The 24old Canadian is world-famous for his role “Anakin Skywalker” in the Star Wars Saga. Now it’s time for Episode III “Revenge of the Sith” (on May 19th in cinemas all over the world), in which Anakin’s moving from a good Jedi to the very angry Lord Darth Vader. Hayden Christensen is doing this imposingly and proves again, that George Lucas choice of him for this role was the right one. Here in the “Soho-House” in London, there’s not sitting a Hollywood-Beau in front of us, it’s a character actor. Intelligent and avowedly, he’s a man with a great future. He’ll not be remembered only as a Star-Wars-Action-Figure, for this he’s much too good!

Reporter: What must have happen, that you’ll make a pact with the Devil, like Anakin did in EP III?
I think, I’ve got to disappoint the devils. There’s nothing in the world, I would sell my soul for. Particularly not to get more force like Anakin does.

R: With the end of EP III you’ve got to say “goodbye” to Anakin Skywalker, there’ll be no other Star Wars movie. Are you sad?
H.C.: A little bit. Anakin accompanied me throughout an important part of my life. While shooing EP II, I’ve just finished High School. Now, at the age of 24 I’m on the best way to get a man.

R: You’ve been very famous as a very young person. Some people would like it, to give autographs at the corner of every street… And more then ever the lots of girls….
H.C.: Oh, the girls… Most of them stared at me and giggled. In the beginning I thought if my trousers were open, or just thought “why are they looking this way?” It took my a while to get along with it.

R: What was the behavior of your friends in this time?
H.C.: I quickly found out, who’s really my friend or who just wanted to benefit from my success. Unfortunately some girl acted like this, too.

R: Is it true, that you’ve grown up in a household which was dominated by women?
H.C.: Not really, because my father is a strong character. But cause of the close measure to my mother an sisters, they’ve minted me a lot. Unfortunately anyhow I can’t claim to understand women better. A woman’s psyche is still a complete mystery.

R: Your Daddy has been strict?
H.C.: He always pushed me to the limit, mainly in sports. I wanted to become an Ice-Hockey Pro, later a Tennis player. While being a teenager, acting seemed very silly to me.

R: What has brought you to acting?
H.C.: You’re gonna laugh. Shakespeare and his pieces, we’ve played in school. In the meantime acting is the best job ever.

R: What makes a man a real man?
H.C.: A real man’s got to: build at least one house, plant a tree and procreate a child (he’s grinning) Meantime this is a bit difficult, because I’m solo but in the future I want to have a family.

R: You’re acting masculine but also sensible..
H.C.: Nice from you, because I feel like that indeed. The masculine I could live out while doing my sports. Acting brought me to the sensible part when I was 14 years old. I got to knew myself better. During the chaos of puberty it was not to be sneezed. Suddenly I dared to let my feelings and emotions show. In the meantime I’m able to cry in front of others without feeling embarrassed

R: In the real live – what would you prefer to be: A hero in war or a perfect lover?
H.C.: A hero’s impressing in cinema or something like that. Of course I’d prefer to be the perfect lover.

R: Are you in draft for Hollywood?
H.C.: No, I’ll stay in Canada. Hollywood’s too cursorily. People define themselves by honour or money, the more the merrier. That’s not my way.

R: You don’t seem to be impressed by success?!
H.C.: You don’t have to get dazzled by the hype. What does it mean to be a “Celebrity”?! Am I able to buy luck for it? Never ever… What really matters is family, friendship and someday the big love

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