Nov 25,2010

Out and About

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Candids > 2010 > Los Angeles > 11-22-10, 11-23-10 & 11-24-10

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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12 Responses to “Out and About”

  1. Comment by jessica west in November 25, 2021 @ 11:07 am


  2. Comment by Carrie in November 25, 2021 @ 1:10 pm

    Looks like Hayden had a rough night. Poor guy.

  3. Comment by TAV in November 25, 2021 @ 1:47 pm

    I’m assuming the hair style is for an audition or someone else has made a special request. :p

    It’ll be a cold day in you-know-where before he smiles for the ‘razzi. lol…..

    Love seeing new pics, though. Thanks!!! It’s always appreciated. :D

  4. Comment by Pretty Lady in November 25, 2021 @ 3:42 pm

    It appears that Hayden has put on a few pounds, but he looks adorable and healthy. I’m assuming the big hair look is for an audition as well. Just because he’s not smiling doesn’t mean he’s not happy. It’s hard to smile all the time when people are constantly taking pictures of you. It’s good to see that he’s doing okay.

  5. Comment by Stephanie C in November 25, 2021 @ 6:27 pm

    Why… I don’t even.. umm… hmmmm. ok

    Is he growing his hair for a role? ‘Cause that is a very interesting ‘do

  6. Comment by Mandy in November 25, 2021 @ 8:30 pm

    I think he was either going to get his hair cut/ or having a bad hair day? It said he was just at restruant eating when these pics were taken. It’s okay, everybody has a bad hair day every once and while. LOL

  7. Comment by iza in November 26, 2021 @ 12:51 am

    I hate his hair but he still sexy :D ! ILYSM Hayden
    I would like to see him smile :(

  8. Comment by TAV in November 26, 2021 @ 9:14 am

    I see that the interesting ‘do is on the 23rd, and he seems to have added his own, tamer touch to it on the 24th. I’d truly love to hear the story behind this style! :D
    And yes, I still adore seeing him, even if it’s just a few pics of him going back and forth from his car to the house, from the house to the car, from the store to the car, from the car to the store……etc. LOL!
    Still love ya, H!!!

  9. Comment by Rita from Rome in November 26, 2021 @ 2:02 pm

    BTW I ADOREthis young adorable gentleman! Even though he’s looks like a bit scruffy!…I’m too glad for having some pics of him!

  10. Comment by Ruth in November 30, 2021 @ 1:02 am

    HAYDEN is a hunky, sexy guy no matter what his hair looks like! I, too, ADORE seeing ANY pictures of Hayden, whether it’s at a restaurant, his bro’s house or where ever…just love to see them! They restored the shooting for THE COLD for 2011 so maybe he’s having to grow his hair longer or something but even if not…who cares…he’s one handsome movie star! Ha ha! He still has “brought sexy back” and continues to…so there!

  11. Comment by ATLqueen in December 1, 2021 @ 5:29 pm

    The bottom picture looks like he cut it. But you know I could be trippin…..

  12. Comment by TAV in December 1, 2021 @ 5:46 pm

    I think it’s a turn-on, the way he will be just beaming in some photos and then looking like a thunder-god in others. Like night and day, he is. I guess ten years of being followed is quite enough for him. lol….