Feb 08,2011

Even Darth Vader doesn’t love the Dark

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Hayden Christensen, Eve and Russell Simmons were in the house for a Cinema Society party.

Although Cinema Society’s Vanishing on 7th Street’s screening afterparty at Beauty & Essex was not the official start to Fashion Week, it had the blessing of the God of Going Out himself, Russell Simmons.

Star of the film, Hayden Christiansen, was happy to have a quick chat about his latest vacation to Barbados with his family.

Looking very dapper in a Burberry suit and skinny tie he told us about the best restaurant on the island, called Chicken Rita’s. “It’s the best fried chicken you’ve ever had in your life. All Rita makes is fried chicken and friend fish. Source

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2 Responses to “Even Darth Vader doesn’t love the Dark”

  1. Comment by Novi in February 9, 2022 @ 9:15 am

    Damn, hot weather cool water and Chicken Rita’s. OMG and Hayden to top it off.
    THUD….(i iz done)

  2. Comment by Ruth in February 11, 2022 @ 10:18 pm

    Ha ha ha! So, “you iz done” huh? Who wouldn’t want a chicken Rita with Hayden Christensen at your side? I see they have a new picture from feb 5th of Hayden and Rachel together again, we might just get to see them married yet! All I can think of is how gorgeous the children will be, whew!